Embracing what is truly ours!

first_imgLately, almost a tsunami of arguments has started to flow in from all corners, post the call of PM Narendra Modi over “Vocal for local” as an important priority for the nation going forward. Some are trying to acknowledge it from the “Pre and post-liberalization viewpoint”, few are contemplating this as a potential threat corresponding to “protective polices”, another few are looking it as a nudge moment towards “New Avatar of Make in India movement”, so on and so forth. I would like to recognize this address from a very simple behavioural standpoint- signalling how it’s a collective “behavioural” responsibility of every citizen to contribute.One by giving more recognition and empowerment in the hands of local vendors, fruit & vegetable peddlers, local kirana shops, etc.  over the well-funded, established modern retail formats. Whenever we see the startling gap between the affluent and the impoverished in the society, or like we are now seeing more vividly the plight of migrant workers or poor paddlers, it makes everyone’s heart screech, but Hey! it’s the system and the government responsible for this correct? Maybe not.  A large part of this whole vicious cycle has to do with each individual choices that we make in our day today life, like – every time we choose not to entertain the local fruit vegetable hawker and simply step into a modern retail format to buy each and everything, now there is nothing wrong in buying from modern retailers, Afterall there is a comfort and ease factor attached to it, and some cases the elitism factor too, like it’s sounds more progressive to shop from Le Marche, Spencer’s than to go and shop from a local haat bazaar.However, there are two major ramifications of this trend- one, we are putting all the money in the hands of only a few enterprises, in turn, detracting the fair earning opportunity from a farmer of its produce, second on an inclusive level, we are divesting our present generation, our kids from getting to know what value chain is on a physical level, what is the joy of seeing the fresh farm produce and acknowledging the labour that goes behind cultivating the juicy fruits and vegetables that we enjoy, aren’t we depriving them of the joy of seeing the seasonal varieties, that no air-conditioned supermarket can offer. If not for this then how that child will learn what an ecosystem is, how he or she will comprehend that things don’t exist in a mutually exclusive way, people are interdependent and every action has a consequence, and every labour deserves its due credit.Now appreciation for the local will only come, when we humbly and with full awareness, will acknowledge and analyze what lies in the whole value chain of that product or service, rather just going after some mindless infatuation with certain concepts, brands, diets, trends etc.  Isn’t this so bizarre that status of being a “superfood” is accorded to a fruit-like “Avocado” and not to a humble “Banana” sheer result of good branding?  Remember that dialogue from the movie “Deadpool” where Weasel says to Wade/Deadpool: “You look like an avocado” after he was severely disfigured, the point is Avocado doesn’t even look good. So, guys let’s embrace what is truly ours.last_img read more

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