E-commerce charm to create a miracle

electronic commerce why so fire? What is the reason why it is popular to say? Can make a lot of money, I do not think, around us there are many e-commerce companies fail? How many companies are walking floating


in a few years ago, the birth of Taobao, e-commerce more and more attention. E-commerce you invest in small, then earn less, the risk is small, large investment, over one million, ten million, earn much, the risk of fame rise. Take Taobao mall, double eleven online shopping carnival, breaking the $8 turnover of 100 million yuan, just a minute after the zero, there are more than 3 million 420 thousand users into the mall Taobao. The first wave into the Taobao mall crowd toward the 3 places, 50 percent off car seckill page, through direct orders already favorites selected goods, there is activity home. 8 minutes later, Taobao mall turnover directly jump to 100 million yuan. All involved in the merchant 50 percent off, while Taobao mall invested 30 million coupons to allow consumers to buy more cool. From the beginning of the 11.1 day of the Berserk red activities, 9 days more than 400 million people have been involved in. Last year, Taobao mall double 11 shopping Carnival single day turnover of more than the same period in Hongkong, a total of more than 936 million of the total social retail, creating a miracle in the history of online shopping. The end of the day turnover is 1 billion, can think of it, the charm of e-commerce is how powerful.

, of course, there are also worried about the business. Just eleven years ago, there is a big Taobao mall event, is the consumer protection issues, the margin from the original 10 thousand, up to now, maintenance fees from 6 thousand to $60 thousand. Such a big change, let small and medium businesses even if businesses in the tremble with fear, how Taobao mall downtown, Taobao mall only show an attitude will not compromise. Now there are a lot of businesses have the same idea, Taobao has been difficult to get started before the entrepreneurial dream, a figure of 160 thousand, for small businesses, is indeed a large number. The final choice away from the Taobao mall, there are ways to stay.

after Taobao incident, I happen, Taobao mall fake a compensable three chance of high, there are a lot of Taobao flagship store buyers have been asked to claim the mall. Only a little loophole exists, they will think it is a fake product, hang their own brand and sell other people’s products. Of course, our company’s flagship store also encountered. When we came to the conclusion that this is certainly an underground organization team, specifically at the mall Taobao snapshot of the". These teams, it is possible that Taobao mall event, of course, this is only one of our imaginary. What is the specific, this is only the people know.

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