Stationmaster net broadcast online reading zhuaxia network will close one group renamed Youku potato

1 news that the company issued a red WeChat tax rules will be introduced tax rate 20% 

news August 6th, a reported from July 28th, the State Administration of Taxation on the internal circulation of documents leaked on the Internet yesterday. According to the news, China’s tax authorities may introduce new regulations on the regulation of personal acceptance of electronic envelopes issued by the enterprise tax.

industry insiders said, enterprises issuing electronic envelopes is already clear that tax, but has been the lack of implementation of the standards in details, the internal documents leaked, or means companies issuing electronic envelopes tax rules promulgated countdown.

2 Youku potatoes announced the name of the Group invested a billion yuan to support the health of the network content  

news August 6th, Youku potatoes in the first open ecological conference, potatoes Youku CEO Victor Koo said Youku potatoes Group officially changed its name to a group.

Gu Yongqiang said that the end of the era of pure video media, culture and entertainment industry to enter from the channel as the center of the Halcrow era. The next three years, Youku potatoes will invest billions of dollars in cash and resources to support the contents of the network.

3 online reading zhuaxia net this really close! August 20th officially bid farewell to  


A5 ( station network August 6th news, yesterday, some friends broke the news received zhuaxia net farewell mail, e-mail said, August 20, 2015 will be officially closed zhuaxia.

users should need backup subscription data, i.e. in the upper right corner of the page "tools" select "OPML" from the channel list, and then in the other reader to import this file.

4 mobile phone short video applications began to show small coffee scraper but it will become a "second foot"?  

decreased with the advent of 4G, mobile phone Internet, video is becoming the game after the second will be a long-term occupation of mobile phone users to the content of time. Although the development speed is very fast, but also many small coffee show just one has noticed this trend application.

from May this year, micro-blog began to have people upload funny funny little coffee show video. In late July, due to the addition of Wang Luodan, Jiang Xin and other stars, small coffee show this lip show video production mobile phone application completely explosion mass entertainment nerve.

According to

news about the current line interface, small coffee show users more than two months only has reached more than 15 million, becoming the first App Store Chinese free total list.

5 foreign media said Tencent spend $8 million acquisition of domain name  

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