Baidu announced the full liberalization of the contents of the number one hundred people compete in

Baidu content ecosystem development logic


technology news September 1st afternoon, the 2016 Baidu World Conference held today in the afternoon, the content of ecological sub forum, Baidu announced that it will fully open content distribution platform Baidu 100, overweight content distribution field.

Lu Fubin, vice president of Baidu

said, Baidu content ecology will be based on artificial intelligence, covering the production, distribution, realization of the three links.

The general manager of

100, division Xu Jiye announced in the content of ecological sub forum, 100, will officially open registration in September 28th, then everyone can publish the content, enjoy the flow of cash into after successful registration. Xu Jiye said that the number one hundred content creators will provide content production, content distribution, content realization and fans management open platform. The use of Baidu in the distribution channels and marketing aspects of technology to help realize the content of entrepreneurs. Previously, Baidu 100 is invited to the online stage, mainly for media reporters and editors.

The general manager of

100, division Xu Jiye also said that Baidu’s existing content platform, including Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar know Wikipedia and Iqiyi, the future will be through the hundreds of push content to the user.

push technology, Baidu aspects of the current emphasis on the ability to personalize the user portrait. According to the Baidu home business department, general manager of the mobile browser division Li Ying introduced, according to the current Baidu 600 million active users in the Baidu search, Post Bar, know, glutinous rice, map, takeaway and other major business platform data draw personalized user portrait has been drawn into 615 thousand user tags, attributes, various characterizations can the user’s interests and needs.

in addition, Baidu will be the latest mobile web browsing technology application based on the MIP standard is to read the page, to enhance the reading speed of the page load and page switching fluency, the arrival rate is increase 5%-40%.

Finally, in the aspects of the realization of

content, Baidu will face hundreds of advertisers, open platform, providing network alliance advertising into the native advertising and users such as the realization mechanism for content of entrepreneurs.

is currently in the field of distribution, content, and Tencent have invested heavily in ali. Tencent aspects of the public and personalized information platform to rely on the content of the layout of the field, Ali is fully realized through the UC browser to achieve content distribution market competition. In addition to BAT, portals and today’s headlines are in the track. (Li Gen)