Shake to kill O2O activity, to see how the layout of giants

for a variety of activities, many people may not forget the most important part of each event: draw. But since the Spring Festival this year, WeChat "shake" red detonated berserk, shake began to gradually become a kill for concerts, TV programs, entertainment and line business activities. So, what exactly is the charm of swing, will attract so many offline activities for its dumping


from a technical point of view, a shake is based on the technology of ibeacon (Ibeacon is the Apple Corp launched in July 2013, and in September released a mobile device equipped with this new function: through Bluetooth (BLE) for accurate positioning, when the intelligent equipment near the iBeacon beacon, equipment can be induced to iBeacon signal), it compared NFC and WiFi have more accurate positioning and more ideal sensing range, interactivity is also better. It does not need to add any internal components of smart phones, very flexible deployment.

from the business point of view, the price of ibeacon equipment is very cheap, for businesses are often held activities, ibeacon technology not only shake the cost is very low, there is no technical threshold based on the most important is to effectively improve the atmosphere and effect, bring greater business value to the business.

from the user’s point of view, shake for users, it is also very easy to use, only need to come up with mobile phone shake can participate in various business activities, with the surrounding friends, not restricted by time and space, it is great pleasure and convenience is the main reason for farmers love use shake.

whether it is for businesses, or for the user, shake have a huge value space. In addition to WeChat, Alibaba, 360 and other giants are to start the layout of a shake, the intention to launch a new fight in this area.

WeChat shake is building a new business empire

WeChat as the largest mobile Internet platform, is a "sweep", another is "shake" is becoming the two "national business necessities". Sweep to close, for the consumer to shop for, and shake is only needed to realize the scene at a certain distance range, more suitable for businesses in various outreach activities.

take the recent hot Wang Feng concert, the concert scene shake shake detonated the audience. The single event number of participants reached more than 26 thousand people, more than 70 thousand people, hit a line under the "shake" activities in the number one of the largest; three event recharge over one million yuan, a record of on-site recharge most "shake"; at the same time, the "shake" the prize also hit the line is one of the largest, including 200 thousand cash, 50 red rice Note2, 5 iPhone 6S and 1 BMW X1.

and the technology behind the event