Daily conversation Ali to enter the game where it comes from.

station network (www.admin5.com) news January 21st, Ma three years ago said, "we firmly believe that the game can change China, China is the one-child families, the children are playing games, how do countries future? So we don’t have a cent investment game. People voted, we applauded, but we do not do, this is one of our principles." In addition, Ma has publicly stated hunger does not play games".

"do not starve game" of the Alibaba group announced the official launch of Mobile Games platform, and said "sorry, the current monopoly game market copycat, the Tencent of the game alone big, very dissatisfied with the" game of ecological destruction, its purpose is self-evident, directed at WeChat. Alibaba announced that the game developers and the proportion of 2:8, which developers can get 70% divided, and there will be donated to the public fund 10%.

Ali why want to enter the game industry, in the future Ali to play what role in the game industry, which is a few months, the game industry’s most concerned about the issue. Ali in proportion to use as a weapon, a consequence of the launch of public relations war: Ali stood in the opposite side of all the channels overnight, will be positioned as a channel, rather than a publisher. The currently available information, the Alibaba to break between industry platform and game operators into proportion, from the conventional 1:9 reverse 7:2:1, the booster will attract great attention Mobile Games developers, operators.

China’s hand travel distribution channels are completely different from foreign countries, the game can only be downloaded through the formal application of the market in foreign countries, it is like buying vegetables can only go to the market. But in China, in addition to the application of the market, 2013 itself has a larger flow of APP from the beginning of closure, intercept market flow, their own distribution channels has become one of the game, the most typical is the WeChat for the second half of 2014, WeChat launched the aircraft, every day series of Mobile Games, direct occupation and monopoly the second half of the Mobile Games market, the number of third party developers are forced into the "Red Sea Leisure Mobile Games".


can do for Mobile Games distribution channels, the Alibaba, such as Alipay Taobao mobile phone client to do Mobile Games distribution is also not surprising and shocking, the Alibaba has 700 million Taobao users, 900 million users of Alipay mobile phone, Taobao DAU reached 270 million. Such a large user base resources, if not to do what it really is Bo Tim Tin Mat. The present development situation of the mobile game market blowout, it is no wonder the Alibaba to start a mobile phone game platform. It is expected that after the operation of this platform, the vast majority of Alibaba’s business will be supported by the mobile gaming platform.

for Ali’s reach, Tencent to make a statement, "we welcome more and more manufacturers came together, the bigger plates, to provide users with more and better and more high-quality game content", Wang Bo believes that the platform between PK is actually a false proposition.