Net loan investors love test domain solve financial difficulties

domain name as a scarce resource on the Internet, its value has been more and more recognized by all walks of life, the relevant legal price also admitted that the domain name is an asset. But because of various reasons, there isn’t a bank willing to mortgage lending to the domain name! And our neighbors South Korea already allowed domain name as collateral for loans, compared with China’s relevant financial institutions pace lagged


recently, the author from the love net ( was informed that the domain name can be used as collateral for loans


in love net website description, so say —

net is the first love business under a professional domain name trading platform, with the first years of the Internet business and financial services experience, first launched services for enterprises and individuals of the mortgage business in the domestic domain. On the basis of the recognized value of the domain name, to provide business and personal mortgage business. Welcome to consult and negotiate, simple procedures, loan fast, reasonable fees, one-stop full-service.

This is the domestic

net love to eat crab first! Many domain name investors believe that this love net top business is a good news for the domestic domain! It is understood that already have the domain name to the domain name investors as collateral, net borrowing from the successful love of hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to solve the problems of shortage of funds.

for a more detailed understanding of the net love this business, I love tennis and the CEO he made a dialogue —

Q: it is understood that the country has not opened the domain name mortgage business bank or institution, your company as the first to eat crab, is based on what considerations?

: he loves tennis is a specialized service domain name investors, domain name services, we learned in the exchange and many investors, investors often because of tight money and was forced to sell my domain name. In order to help investors solve temporary funding problems, we have carefully considered the launch of the domain name for the mortgage business.

: as a lender, how to evaluate the value of the domain name as a special kind of collateral, and what is your request for the domain name of the mortgage?

: he will hire experts to love net domain name domain name is evaluated to submit a loan application. Of course, because the domain name market we have to bear considerable change unpredictably, risk. So not all domain names can be used as collateral for loans, we require the domain name to be met to meet several conditions:

domain name recognized value of more than 500 yuan

domain name itself does not exist any legal and economic disputes


must be transferred to the domain of mortgage to love net

: domain name mortgage, the domain name of the owner of any changes in the borrower can still use it?

: for the domain name of the loan, we only ask to transfer to>