Network hatred service demand growing hacker claiming to be a monthly income of over 50 thousand

in extensive network Beijing on June 17th news "if you want to destroy your enemy’s computer? Do you want to watch your business rivals if you want to understand every act and every move? Your loved ones have an affair? We provide a variety of services for your password cracking." Recently, this service appeared frequently in the largest classification consulting website, hackers steal others’ privacy by high fees, they also boldly said, because the demand for malpractice, a hacker average monthly income of more than 50 thousand yuan.

The price tag


page on the hacker organization claiming to be a professional crack, crack the success rate of more than 99%, most of the time to crack a day to three days, after the first decryption charges, and cited the undertaking of the 24. In addition to the common QQ, MSN, mailbox password cracking, the reporter saw, as well as lottery site data intrusion, mobile phone eavesdropping, hard disk destruction and other difficult business. The poster also clearly marked: domestic prices are 400 yuan a mailbox, the mailbox will be 800 yuan a foreign QQ, a break will be 400 yuan and so on. Even more ridiculous is that there are also a "security", to teach users how to distinguish the liar and the real hackers.


reporter points to open the URL, domain name display is "Chinese hacker hacker alliance, the first portal", but the content and technical content but with the so-called "portal" far, black background with flashing red collocation large font, write "talents, who, your computer, I permissions". The site is currently under maintenance and cannot be accessed, and the contact number is only QQ.

hackers claiming monthly income of 50 thousand yuan or more

reporter then dialed the phone contacts displayed in the post, the phone is a young man with a foreign accent, said the organization members of a total of 3 people, are very busy". When the reporter asked to break a QQ password, are required to pay 20 yuan deposit, if you want to know the password needed to pay 400 yuan, and the "first service" mobile phone hacking is required to pay ten thousand yuan deposit, pay 3000 yuan after the success, the man only promised to "send the recording to you afterwards". The organization in the network course to teach users how to "black" others, each class fee is 1000 yuan.

"we have many means to scan, hidden control and so on, to know what your enemies do?" the man readily told reporters, "my monthly income of more than 50 thousand, when business is good, every day there are hundreds of people looking for me, most of them attack enemies or opponents of the requirements of computer and email we are also ready to launch, call service, monthly pay can help you curse, this service will be very popular."

reporter in many forums and online universities have seen similar services, most of them are on the crown of all kinds of names: "hate" and "scold company" and "spy organization"……

it is understood that these services also CO produced a new term: hate creative industries. The >