Do you know your own website

      in the United States, providing web site performance monitoring services has been a proven industry. There are a growing number of sites seeking assistance from third party performance monitoring agencies.

      Thanksgiving Day 3 years ago, a shopping mall in the United States on the United States a large number of U.S. users have trouble. It took him more than half an hour to pick up a lot of goods on the site, but after the "checkout" button on the shopping cart page, there was a problem with the system page. No matter how to try to refresh, again, he found that there is no way out. In fact, from the start of the day at 3 in the morning, many parts of the United States users have encountered the same problem.

      this problem has been going on for 8 hours. They do not know this website. In its data center, all the lights are green, the server is in the normal state – from their own point of view, they do not see any problems. However, in this short span of hours, the site is a big loss.

      Friedman in the book "the world is flat", with a lot of space mentioned in the world of optical fiber for the world brought about by the change. Yes, whether you’re in Beijing or Tokyo, whether you’re on the beach or in the office, you can access a remote server on the internet. However, the speed and performance of the user can not be the same. Sits in the data center monitoring room for you, you can not understand the different regions and different environment users, whether on your website to experience what.

      when the network data monitoring and user experience service provider Gomez (Gomez) company, took out a copy from the user monitoring data report, at first for their high network listed Christmas online shopping rankings, in poor position to argue the website, be rendered speechless. "From that day on, they decided to use our products." Smart network global CEO Jaime Ellertson smile to the Internet Weekly said.

      in the United States, Amazon has an average operating income of up to $16377 per minute; in China, Taobao’s trading volume has more than $1 billion. "Only in the normal operation of the site, the money can flow; and when the site was down, the money will fly out the window." Jaime says so.

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      in the United States, providing web site performance monitoring services has been a proven industry. Smart network, Keynote systems, Mercury interactive