12306 smooth before the peak of the holiday ticket click on average 240 thousand times per second

[Abstract] the Spring Festival train ticket sales peaked in December 19th, the 12306 site visits reached 29 billion 700 million times.

The average

per click 240 thousand times, known as "the world’s busiest website" 12306 train tickets, the ticket went through before the Spring Festival peak. 21, the reporter went to the website of the interview was informed that, in accordance with this year’s new train ticket pre-sale approach, the Internet is sold on the eve of the new year’s Day (February 18th) train tickets on the 21 day, is expected to sell about 4 million tickets for the tickets on the day of.

According to the

electronic China Railway Science Research Institute deputy director of the Institute of computing technology, 12306 technical director Zhu Jiansheng, 2015 Spring Festival train ticket sale peak day in December 19th, the day of the twelfth lunar month 28 train tickets on sale (February 16th). 12306 site visits (PV) reached record breaking 29 billion 700 million times. On the same day, a total of 9 million 564 thousand tickets for sale, of which the Internet sale of 5 million 639 thousand, accounting for more than 59%, have hit a record high. December 20th, the Internet offering 4 million 577 thousand.

Zhu Jiansheng said, according to the annual Spring Festival law, generally can be divided into two before or after the holiday peak ticket, the ticket before the peak has passed, the ticketing system is running very smooth.

12306 years website tickets during the Spring Festival peak often paralyzed, this peak ticket system running smoothly, mainly from the 12306 active site to take measures to protect the site running.

Zhu Jiansheng said, in response to the 2015 Spring Festival peak ticket, the site to take 5 measures: one is to use external cloud computing resources sharing system query business, according to the peak of the growth in business volume according to the needs of timely expansion. Two is through the dual center of the framework of the system, the internal processing capacity doubled, reliability is effectively guaranteed. The three is to expand the system’s Internet access bandwidth, and can be quickly adjusted according to traffic conditions, to ensure that visitors during peak hours smooth access to the site. Four is to prevent malicious grab tickets. Through the technical means to shield the malicious traffic generated by the software to ensure the healthy operation of the website, and maintain the order of Internet ticketing. Five is the development of a number of contingency plans to deal with unexpected situations.

reporter learned that, since the 2015 Spring Festival tickets on sale, the amount of 12306 sites daily were maintained at more than 4 million. The most stressful time of day is 11 to 14. Ticket early, the number of buyers in Guangdong area. In recent days, Beijing and Shanghai, the number of tickets. The average residence time of 12306 users is about 10 minutes.