How to quickly update SEO optimization techniques


since June 2012, search engines continue to update and improve the algorithm, the vast majority of SEOer feel the search engine update more and more frequently, the black hat SEO efforts to increase. In such a trend, SEOer had to speed up the pace of updating their knowledge and skills to optimize, otherwise it will be eliminated by the ruthless society. In the face of a new era, the need to introduce new ideas to better development, in the SEO industry is no exception. So, how to update their SEO skills? How to grasp the latest optimization knowledge?

1, pay attention to the webmaster type platform

wants to keep up with changes in the search engine algorithm, especially the need to master the real-time dynamic adjustment algorithm on search engine information should understand the first time, it can fully grasp from the many webmaster platform, especially focus on the types of webmaster platform home and the top recommended articles, these articles are of the latest developments and practices about the search engine algorithm to adjust the experience by reading the contents from which we can learn more about search engine optimization to strengthen, so that we can get more information resources, these resources can lay the foundation for later optimization process, make the optimization efficiency gradually increased, a short period of time can improve better benefits. Many webmaster type platform, is currently the most popular belongs to Baidu Webmaster Platform, A5 station network, the owners of the house, these information updates faster, many members, so can more quickly and more comprehensive access to the latest knowledge and optimization techniques.

2, attention SEO Daren dynamic

for search engines, many influence factors of ranking, each update in improving the previous algorithm and update algorithm, in this case, the SEO algorithm for Master often adjust more sensitive, can in a short time through the observation and practice conclusion, and also from time to time in the micro-blog update information so, so, if you want to become an excellent SEOer, must always pay attention to the latest developments in SEO Master, either micro-blog or Sina micro-blog and other Tencent, should pay attention to the dynamic development, so to get the useful information in the first time, often the value of this information for optimization is very high, why not for SEO? Master as Zac teacher, teacher Robin and teacher Lu Songsong is the focus of SEOer’s attention, because they will not update about SEO The latest developments, even the actual combat experience.

3, participate in interactive discussions

wants to know the search engine algorithm change trend and direction, the best way is to participate in the interactive discussion, should establish a professional activity discussion group, puts forward the views and opinions of each other, mutual exchanges, in the process of exploring fully explain their point of view, the expression is clear, so that more members of the team to be able to fully understand very important, should face to correct their own mistakes, to learn.