ndustry portal online and offline promotion channels

with the development of the Internet and the explosion of the information age, the network has gradually affected and changed people’s lives and habits. Due to the use of the network, the information can be quickly spread and the cost is relatively low, coupled with the network can be a low input high return benefits. More and more enterprises and individuals began to build enterprise stations and personal sites, trying to get rich through the network. Have to say it is because of the rapid development of network in China, only for a lot of young entrepreneurs with the rich network of anecdotes.

station is a good starting point, but to build a what kind of station, the station, I think a lot of people may worry. Site is the need to invest a lot of energy and time, the early research and analysis, the late planning and design, each stage needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources. It is very difficult to make a good website without the economic ability and website development experience. I now take the management and operation of the Liduoduo website, the station from 2006 to January 2007 to start planning the operation on line now had four intermediate revision. Each change will have a certain impact on the site. Now operating on the line to see what is in 2011 after the revised station in June. Combined with my work experience in the past few years, as well as the exchange of experience with the industry’s webmaster friends summed up the industry portal operating experience in order to contribute.

industry portal is different from enterprise and personal website, because it has a large amount of information, optimization and promotion is more laborious. Unlike the enterprise station keywords so easy, industry need according to their own characteristics and the development trend of the Internet industry to know ourselves and for website optimization and promotion of their own. Network promotion methods Liduoduo put into operation from the establishment to do online and offline combination:

online promotion methods:

first of all to submit their own web site to the major search engines in order to include, in particular, a number of classification directory sites and DMOZ stations must be submitted. One of the biggest advantages is that once these stations are included in the flow and weight is very large. You are in the forum, blog to establish a lot of the chain can not compare. I believe you know the relationship between the owners of the right, and then is to give yourself a site to build a map of the site, one is to give the user to look at the HTML map, a search engine is to look at the XML map. These two maps are very important in the station optimization. To establish a robots.txt file, the file protocol is very important to search engine spiders, it is a spider crawling in the file of our website first see, is to tell us, do not stand those spiders to crawl and index the.

links, many people think that this is a kind of chain, in fact, not all, I personally think that is a good means of online promotion. Imagine if you are with a high visibility and a large number of sites on the home page to do a link. Everyone will remember and go to your website, so