School network announced the completion of the Pre-A round of financing system will be 45 days after

Donews7 on Sept. 26 news (reporter Qiu Hui) recently, music network CEO Liu Cailin announced that the music network has been completed in May 2016 in Guangzhou Province, Guangdong Branch Financial Group’s venture capital fund Pre-A round of financing, valuation of more than 100 million yuan, and about the amount of financing, the music network is not convenient to disclose.


Donews Liu Cailin told reporters, financing has been in place all at the beginning of June, mainly for the GDS system, supply chain integration and the extension of new overseas destinations. Liu said that after the completion of the financing, the next step is to publish a new system, destination open platform system. He revealed that there are 45 days away from the new system line.

it is reported that the music network is a fun destination tourism product global distribution platform, through the Internet will travel overseas resources, integration and distribution to the online and offline channels. At present, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, 10 overseas branch layout.

Liu, "since the establishment of school network adhere to the" commodity king "faith grinding experience tourism products, started in the Guangdong tour around the market, then transition overseas free travel, is currently focused on overseas to play GDS, model has been certified with rapid replication. School network has provided about 10000 free products, covering attractions tickets, local tourism, transportation, the size of local delicacy, local communication, shopping and many other categories. 100% support line booking, about 40% exclusive products, the current monthly transactions amounted to 30 million."