How to promote the exhibition website

in order to better study the exhibition site to promote this topic, this article will be discussed from the following four aspects

"the importance of the exhibition economy"

exhibition site in the exhibition economy status

"exhibition website promotion and other sites to promote the particularity"

exhibition website promotion innovation

exhibition activities as an industry, play a leading role in supporting the whole macro economic system and regional economic system, promote the development of related industries, has become the main representative of the economic competitiveness of the market in China, both as the capital of Beijing, northeast of Dalian, the Yangtze River Estuary of Shanghai, or the south open city of Shenzhen an important commercial port, northwest of Xi’an, the exhibition industry is flourishing, and to the local economy brings limitless business opportunities. The vigorous development of the exhibition economy has led many exhibitions to be held. These exhibitions are not hesitate to promote the network as their preferred platform!

a large number of exhibition sites have sprung up. According to the survey, the current domestic exhibition mature every year in more than more than 1 thousand games! Most of the exhibition have their own official website! As the most important exhibition platform in the network, the show’s official website is taking a very important responsibility of


first, the exhibition site as an official agency, to timely release of all kinds of exhibitions and related news, announced the latest exhibition.

the second exhibition website undertakes the task, as everyone knows, the exhibition is the main participant of exhibitors, exhibitors to promote and advertise! Exhibition website undertakes the task of


third, in order to enable more people to pay attention to the exhibition, to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition site is also facing the potential visitors to do a lot of promotional work and accept online booking visit intelligence!

exhibition site promotion object is the enterprise target customers, compared to other website promotion, the promotion of this kind of website has a very special!

first: the exhibition is for a particular industry. Therefore, the promotion of the exhibition site must be targeted at a particular industry, one of its objectives is to publicize the information to the enterprise in the industry!

second: will be the main site of the exhibition information release platform, and industry news related to the exhibition can not be placed too much on the site.

third: exhibition site pages are generally relatively simple, the level of the site is generally maintained at three!

fourth: the weight of the Expo site is generally high! Many exhibition sites have adopted the org domain name. Compared to other domains, the domain name of the exhibition site has a higher weight!

fifth: an exhibition is generally only one official website, the exhibition site recognition is very high!