Ten ways to make the most rapid flow of web traffic

for website promotion, the industry have their own unique promotion methods, but the purpose is the same, get traffic and keep traffic! Today I concluded to quickly increase website traffic 10 effective methods, and hope to the industry to explore, evaluate and refute


tenth: targeting irrelevant keywords

related elements: key tools, such as Google, Baidu keyword tools, Yahoo keyword selection tools, etc..

  方法:通过使用关键词工具,选择一些当前高点击率的,但和你的行业或者网站内容不大相关的关键词或者词组并且以非广告商的形式低价买下该关键词(这样会使访问呔醯酶眯畔⒚挥猩桃敌畔ⅲ 庋 憧梢蕴岣咄 究杉 群椭 取R 锏礁媚康模 繁D愕耐 纠锶肥蛋 霉丶 炙 杂Φ母咧柿磕谌荩 热缫慌抛试戳斜恚恍├嗨朴凇啊 绾巍 钡奈恼隆1热纾 丶 治 憾ぷ踊В 愕耐 灸谌菔枪赜诜坎 畔⒌模 敲聪喽杂Φ奈恼绿饽恳约澳谌萦Ω檬且浴白钆5亩ぷ踊侨绾伪;て浞坎 ǖ摹钡纫员晏狻?当你真正能提供访问者所需要的信息,那么你的网站很有可能会被访问者记住,并且重复访问,如 If you are lucky, the visitor will recommend you to his friends or promote your links.

effect: the use of this method can bring you varying degrees of traffic (more than a dozen IP – thousands of IP per day), depending on how you operate and the number of keywords you buy. However, we must ensure that brought the content they want you for your visitors, and then flow through the statistical analysis of your choice of words really bring you value (for example: stay visitors etc.).

ninth: manufacturing controversy

related elements: a community or blog with a strong reaction to a topic, a person or a company.


blog in the popularity of the community, forum, people generally agree the topic or assumptions, or of a celebrity or organization views opposite you (I do not teach you to fight, to achieve your rejected arguments). For example, an article entitled "will be 10 reasons I hate Google bring good results. Before that, you need to do a good job of prevention and coping skills (don’t put yourself in it, hehe). In the process of refuting you can naturally lead to your web site, web site name and other information. Of course, this is to include some of the topics related to the debate.

effect: huge traffic will arrive at your website from different channels, but the most important point is the content of your website to include some other websites to refute (you are just one of them, by others to play tough, you just wait flow.). Note here >