3 common killer see marketing operation!


" more and more difficult to sell products, more and more difficult to attract the attention of users, more and more expensive traffic, more and more advertising effect is getting worse, activities harder than ever to do a day……

now, marketing operations more and more difficult to do!

there is no ground for blame although there are some people, will say "marketing is not difficult to do, you can’t do", "8 ways to fix the marketing" and the like, but the fact is, for most people, the marketing operation really becomes difficult.

said we don’t make viral universal marketing, also don’t say running hot once, too difficult, or something.

product is difficult to sell, the operation more difficult to do, there are still some routine is to survive in various grappling, here are 3 common killer in marketing in the operation I saw in operation and in the case of


1 promises to change the status quo

this is used in product marketing, operations, copywriting commonly used to plan, often promised products or activities can also bring changes to the user, to break the existing state, become better.

such as the following two public course registration copy is at the beginning to emphasize a situation now where the user, which will allow users to have resonance, will also have a sense of crisis, and then can be given to change the status of the program, will achieve good results.



everyone is the pursuit of good, all want to live better. However, due to various reasons, leading to a bad situation has not changed, such as lazy, such as no time, such as no money, such as lack of ability, such as no determination, such as no patience, etc..

and promised to change the status quo is equivalent to tell the user: I can change your current a bad state, very suitable for you.

for example, the young man was now the pressure is very big, want to learn more knowledge, but do not have time to participate in the training system, do not have the patience to read a book, also do not have the ability to self supervision, suddenly give up.

they would rather spend a few hundred thousand dollars to register all morning, the 10 day community marketing skills courses, 21 case of astronomical plan.

because they have promised to change their social status, not only provide systematic knowledge, with their learning, and there are a variety of incentives, but also mutual supervision, provide pressure feedback, let them see your change.

as well as the escape of the new phase of the North Canton activities, lost book activities are in a short time to change the status quo, so that we have a period of time to escape the status quo.