The paper sums up four trick speculation

the emergence of the information age, and now the Internet, many people believe that everything can fall down, the sky is not a good thing to fall off the pie is very strange, because the Internet is now free lunch everywhere. In order to attract the attention of each big website is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. Although the purpose of a variety of prizes in the final analysis is nothing more than a propaganda site to attract attention, but there is a big difference between the various activities, whether it is the mode of operation or activity. The website is nothing more than the following four kinds of speculation trick:


curry favour by claptrap

this type of award activity is the largest number of activities is the most easily copied, but also the lowest level. Type of curry favour by claptrap prize to a large number of activities, too numerous to mention it or to create new styles, creative win, as long as there is enthusiasm for Internet users to participate in such activities, the technology does not need too much. Because of this activity is simple and easy to operate, it is easy to attract users to participate. However, people who participate in such activities are generally registered for the event, as the end of the event is not on this site is not necessarily a. Therefore, this type of activities organized by the site in addition to improve the visibility and the amount of registered users with water, the effect will not be as good as publicity.

second categories: professional improve

The biggest difference between the

professional enhancement and the above types is that there is a high level of activity participants and a clear purpose. This type of award for professional contests or recommended activities for participants, need good professional knowledge and analytical skills, and for the activities of the organizers is important not only to improve the visibility of the site, but to promote their enterprise spirit and business philosophy. Relatively speaking, participants are more important to improve their professional skills, rather than the award itself. This type of bonus prize quiz often high, long duration, cycle lottery, guided by the experts throughout. Relatively speaking, the odds of winning this type are relatively small.

third categories: long line fishing method

long line fishing for big fish, which is adopted by most of the methods of the forum. This type of activities of the site is often a gradual increase in the benefits of bait to attract users to their own long-term website. This type of activity is the most commonly used method is to score, according to the number of points will be divided into various levels of Internet users, and different levels of Internet users can enjoy the different services provided by the website. This method takes advantage of the psychological characteristics of the people, the Internet users will be attracted to their web site for a long time, for the site to create a relatively stable amount of users, and can have the same interests of people together. But for users, score is not only for the final award, more important is to prove their value in the similar to those activities, get a sense of achievement, which is currently a lot of popularity of flourishing BBS what important reasons. This is the reason why SNS fire.

fourth categories: market testing

market test is a live event