Card more than the network failure to reflect on the planning of the site planning

on Thursday received the card multi network, the phone, let me go to the company to interview on Friday afternoon, I would like to know the results do not know, and was still on the spot OUT!.

the end of the interview, I do not want to see, do not want to hear, the most terrible thing that happened: after tube exchange and interview 10 minutes later, she smiled, should be to hide a dagger behind a smile softly, said to me: "feel shy, our company wanted to hire a website planning is the need to have many years of work, you and I company…" When she finished, it felt like time had passed a long time, I got up and nodded, feeling very embarrassed, politely returned to the sentence: "it does not matter!", and then quickly left the strange card network.

returned to the bedroom, I think a few questions "card network interviewers ask you that the site planning of what they are doing? You have a successful web site planning experience? If I hire you, how are you going to do the planning?", do not know, I still tense interview in the network marketing school are not solid, or Yang Fan the teacher I did not understand. Lying in bed thinking, I want to find and I hesitated said it is two different things than those.

later read some information, discuss with Mr. Yang Fan and other students when these problems, they told me a lot about site planning theory, I suddenly click into place many, here is some information I am finishing on the site planning planning: what exactly is

market positioning planning

is to set up a website, website marketing, website how to money? What is the target group? These people bring me many benefits? How to make them the most willing to spend money, this is the first step of site planning, is the most important, the most important step.

IT Internet market today, what people have, what to do, what fantastic website should be full, a powerful and unconstrained style. In the field of Internet in China, only you can not think of, I can not do without. However, how much money can really make money, this point, all the webmaster friends to do than I should know more about this rookie, you make money?.


website is like a factory are from the brand packaging (Planning), and then put into mass production, finally win the profit through the sale of products. Because the market positioning planning is the basic guarantee, so it must be only on the premise that planning and be aware of, can rest assured that boldly let your "IT factory" to burn down.

to do the first step and every step forward after carefully thinking, what to do and what type of site? Site is to do business, it should consider to do area portal, tourist information website, e-commerce platform, game trading network, community entertainment web sites or other sites