Let the flow of P million on this simple

brothers, sorry, I missed the chance to get a million IP in the past two days. We all know that there are two things that have happened in the past two days, and there are two things to spread and debate. Don’t know? I don’t know if that proves you don’t engage in promotion planning potential, to


event 1: shooting champion Guo Wenjun gold find father

from the media published the news Wenjun Guo gold seeking father started, so the national basic media, the size of sites are not for speculation desperately this event. Although their psychology is really want to help our champion, but it is inevitable to escape the suspicion of speculation. I hate it. I know it’s late. When I know this event time is late late my tears Hua (the tears are: one of our two gold medal champion moved I know too late). Think about it, if we know the first time the news time, do a gold medal to help Guo Wenjun find a father so soon. For all we do is find each other mutual propaganda, a human flesh search primer. You can imagine how many Internet users will be able to promote each other, then this page must be at least 1 million IP. I just want to say under the page is my mother Ali network launched on it. Today, of course, the gold medal to find her father, her relatives have asked the Internet users and the media do not pay too much attention to this matter, do not hurt their privacy. So we can do the original search for the father of the page changed to appeal to everyone rational treatment, respect for our gold medal champion family privacy. Encourage everyone to promote each other. What is the situation? How many IP will it bring? The good guys do, and the traffic gets.

event two: Liu Xiang foot race back

Liu Xiang foot race back these days, you know, how many people support, how many people call him the estimation of not less than 10 million of Internet users. So why don’t we do a thing about this event? Can make a page, divided into halves, while doing support Liu Xiang, placed above the previous contributions for our country do too, what reward? What first? How much sweat? Eat much pain? How much money donated while doing? Against the content, put Liu Xiang as a national culture of the athlete is how much advertising? How much money out? How many? Why retire. Put on both sides of the relevant video, pictures, media reports, etc.. Page includes message system, communication system. Let everyone in the country allowed to discuss the words of the debate, as far as possible the dissemination of publicity. Think about how many people will be there and how many people will be there.

brothers and sisters, I said above is a double-edged sword, ah, we can bring a good use of the huge benefits, do not mess up the body. But in any case, we must comply with national laws and regulations. Respect others. In addition to not overdo sth.. Do not deviate from the most general principles.

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