The significance and value of network marketing training

in recent years, the rapid development of the Internet has changed our way of life, changed a lot of business models, breaking the pattern of many industries. Recently, there have been reports that the electronic counter business in Beijing, Zhongguancun, miserable, because I think we all understand that the strong impact of the online shopping market. Electronic products are characterized by standardization, easy transportation, is the earliest e-commerce marketing products. Under the impact of online shopping sales force in Zhongguancun, high operating costs, the quality of products than the price is no advantage, defeat is ironclad.

decline from Zhongguancun, we see what the traditional enterprise is also a sense of crisis, while the opportunity to see the internet. Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun CCTV annual economic figures of this year’s 1 billion gamble for everyone was impressed, Lei Jun how big confidence, can directly challenge the China home appliance manufacturing industry has 23 years of brand building, leading enterprises – GREE group, I think the Internet is to machine will give Lei Lei, emboldened. As Lei Jun said: "just standing on the air, pigs can fly." And in the current situation, a strong wind millet is standing on the Internet, we are not here to predict whether Lei will have the last laugh, but there must be sure, whichever companies lose website will defeat! I remember a year ago, I saw a little said GREE is not America business plan, I think there will be a lot of reasons, as the traditional channels mature enterprises, do not want to break the current pattern of e-commerce, online sales and the sales than the level is not enough. But this year Dong Mingzhu and Ma Yun dialogue, GREE will pay attention to the electronic commerce, because electronic commerce Time will not wait for me., if you do not, your competitors will do.

China manufacturing industry leading enterprises have also begun to OCs — Haier group has just signed and Ma, the two sides jointly build a new home appliance (market area) and bulky goods logistics, installation service system and standard. Big companies in making a difference, whether the manufacturing enterprises in Dongguan have to be touched, thinking on the need to change.

traditional manufacturing industry to plug in the wings of network marketing.

Dong Mingzhu said: Lei, if the world’s factories are turned off, you still sell?. A general hit millet weakness, without their own manufacturing line, in addition to the brand and channel is your production environment, but heteronomy, but GREE is not the same, it has their own core products, core technology, production line manufacturing strong. With its own manufacturing course is a big advantage, but also to see the Chinese manufacturing really do very hard, heteronomy, low cost, labor cost and material finished high, so, the manufacturing industry in the way? Ma’s statement that the manufacturing way: "Lei Jun, you to know marketing can be learned". Yes, the opportunity lies in the manufacturing industry, learning network marketing knowledge, to create their own brand and network sales channels.

manufacturing network marketing imperative.

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