Secret brand WeChat small trick Trumpet sales matrix


] WeChat news billion state power into a new position after micro-blog crazy absorb brands settled, but according to billion state power network to understand, most of the brand business playing WeChat is still in the stage of "brush sense of presence, or not, to do it" is a lot of brands to WeChat’s attitude. As for how should the specific operation is not ready.

recently learned several billion state power network "part of operation of the brand WeChat tricks", although unable to assert its effect, but can be seen out of the ordinary mind and heart. It is organized as follows:

keep trumpet "curve salvation"

before the ultimate secret no master WeChat operation, most brands adopt multi number operation strategy, wide net, trial and error. Billion state power network to the starry, Yan man, first language, Metersbonwe, becheery, where customers, GXG and other brands have opened a two or more than two of the WeChat public, some brands even have more than and 20 public numbers, formed a battle of the WeChat family.

, the main number for security, trumpet taste fresh is a number of brands WeChat route. Designer brand language on the opening of a positioning in the interaction with the subscription number, do not play promotion, just talk about collocation, sales and customer service role is given to the main number of the first language flagship store".

according to the beginning of the language WeChat operators, the first language of the design director will be fully coordinated with the content of the public, from the content, programs, interactive, to ensure that the content with the professional. It is worth noting that, at the beginning of language for the account to create a special video program "tide ride three minutes", invited guests of different occupation (such as full-time wife, graphic designer, university teacher) as a model, the collocation of guidance from the early language design director, scene change. In addition, the public number will also be real-time interaction with the user through the micro community.


language for the public to create a special video program

with the public number is currently in its infancy, the production of video programs are still far from sophisticated, but the extent of its operations have been more than a lot of the brand.


monthly trial custom gift box

from the popular European and American monthly subscription has not fresh electricity providers play, L’OREAL from 2012 began to try to "small box" business, according to the user submitted beauty questionnaire for customized, tailored trial gift box. This year, L’OREAL copied the pattern to WeChat.


users can submit their own skin condition



customization trial box

billion state power network to understand, L’OREAL Tomi WeChat intends to help private characteristics and strengthen the "private custom" characteristics. In addition to the user set