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outdoor fish

investors: indiegogo congregation raised

investment amount: 1 million 160 thousand yuan

‘s outdoor complete Angel round of financing, investment by indiegogo to raise the public, involving an amount of 1 million 160 thousand yuan. Fish is an outdoor outdoor equipment technology and service solutions provider, is a product used in outdoor air pump.


2 light pen fitness

Investment: Pathfinder and enterprises will fund investment fund

investment amount: 12 million yuan

China’s first smart Internet convenience fitness platform "light pen fitness" days ago announced that it has completed 12 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, the investor is toread and with the fund and China investment fund will. Light pen fitness will accelerate its intelligent fitness ecosystem through the financing layout. It is reported that the light pen ecosystem includes intelligent fitness gym, intelligent hardware fitness, fitness education training content, IP and advertising operations, community fitness and electricity supplier sector.


3 similar music


investment amount: 10 million yuan

similar music for millions of yuan A round of financing, investors did not disclose. Beijing Music Music Culture Co., Ltd. is a focus on the production of the game music sound outsourcing team, is the largest number of the largest number of professional game music production company. Focusing on the game music outsourcing gives us the best understanding of the player’s musical needs. At the same time, it has a strict internal management mechanism and a mature music production process, to provide the highest cost-effective service.


4 private baking

Investment: Galaxy Internet

investment amount: one million yuan

news August 24th, BBQ takeaway platform "furniture roast" won millions of dollars in angel financing, investment for the galaxy Internet, this round of financing will be used to validate the model and brand promotion. Baked furniture officially launched on June 2016, belonging to the Beijing bullet Technology Co. Ltd., founder of Guan Zichen. At present, 120 central kitchen furniture self baking, a distribution site in Shuangjing.


5 pole bean car networking

Investor: 53 million yuan

investment amount: Tsing capital, Zhuo capital

car manufacturer "bean car networking" that has obtained in May 2016, Tsing capital 53 million yuan A round of financing capital zhuo. The program will be used for product development, team building, channel improvement and supply chain. In addition, today, beans and released two new hardware products, one is the loader after the iteration >