Do not rely on search engine users is the last word

I am a novice webmaster, after reading a lot of articles, just know the way to get traffic.

but what we really need is not Baidu, not Google, but users.


user is the guarantee of our lowest, promotion is to allow more people to use your website, and dependent, but not in Baidu search, a frown on the point that the upper right corner, now the webmaster increasingly rely on search engines, content more or less are CTRL+C, CTRL+V, so don’t accumulate users, saying yes, everyone is really good, you do a N chain, N optimization, the user is not good, you or not.

so my advice is, what the user wants, you give him as much as possible, as long as you stand to meet his needs, he will come second times, the third time, and you will stand to tell others.

my method:

looking for content, only to find boutique.

1 is to go to Baidu know a kind of place, some people can not find the contents of his time, in your station update, and then answer him, then he is destined to be your website regulars.

2 there is to build their own QQ group, some relevant to your web site, make relations (one hour cooked), ask what they love, want to see what, then update on your website, then pull him in your group, is your regular website.

3 to Post Bar, if you are a sports website, you can go to NBA Post Bar in today’s action or video game, hair up, to write a few sentences, so it won’t delete posts, see people will think this site is good, have what he wants, he will often visit your site.

always remember, the user is the most important, while water can carry a boat, can also capsize, finishhere

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