Fly make money online must first learn to endure loneliness

today, the development and popularity of the network, so many people’s eyes glued to the network of this piece of fat, from the Internet upstart really too much. In the face of such huge employment pressure in today’s society, making money online especially by college students just out of school friends of all ages, to find a company to see the boss face, the slightest mistake will be fired, but they do make money online, no matter what others may say, I am the boss, I say


online open a shop easily than working for others to earn more, online investment also really flourishes, the network is really easy to make money dream place, in the face of such a large space for development, how can not be exciting? So we have stepped into the ranks of the network to make money, a lot of people quit working full-time to engage in Wangzhuan, there is also a lot of part-time, but when you step into the network space, suddenly found himself a bit to find the North feeling, I make money online a month has not seen a penny, but made a lot of electricity, a lot of rough skin, eyes, tired fingers. In this case, 10 people began to make money online in the ranks of 9 people will have such a feeling, which of these 9 men only 1-2 people insist on, and the rest of the network to make money as can be imagined a loss of confidence, give up the dream of making money online.

thus leads to fly the title of this article "make money online must first learn to endure loneliness," and the "lonely" is not a pure heart empty and boring, but allow you to maintain a normal state of mind, starting from the basic point, to seriously study the ability to make money online. I dare say: no one stepped into the ranks of the money to make money online immediately, he must learn and understand, with personal perception and ability, and at the same time you stepped into the network of people, some people a month may understand how to make money online, and some people may be savvy weak, he needs three months to realize why the Internet can make money, and even some people don’t understand half of what the Internet can make money, this is the person with the difference, we also take Ma example, do B2C or B2B industry, the network also do people in this industry are, why many people only Chinese Ma is the most successful, most profitable, others make money, but they are not up to that level in China and Ma’s influence. This tells us a simple truth: Although stand on the same starting line, but people really is nothing! There are a lot of reasons than not, have congenital and acquired factors. Congenital factors such as you, this person is smart from a young man, there is a unique idea, etc.; acquired factors, he had already had a certain economic strength, behind a huge team support, etc..

fly with a friend in Beijing, but also can be said to be friends, good relationship, originally is engaged in personnel training, in the previous year to the work of others, but also not less than 5000 of wages in January, he also has a talent website. I admire him very much, admire the reason is that he taught himself web design, he can now say that the level of web design is much higher than those