The first lecture series shop positioning determines your life

to Taobao for gold, how can Amoy to gold? Like the reality of the gold mine collapse, explosion, dig ore, crushed into particles, into fine powder, wash away the mud, and finally to see the glittering gold. Looking ahead, today’s Taobao shop is like a vast ocean, it can be said to be a gold mine, which is certainly a good sign. But for a shop keeper, but also indicates that the increasingly fierce competition for customers to enter the war from the macro level to the micro level change.

want to have a foothold in this competition, we must start from the details of each shop business, these details, there are countless good posts in repeatedly introduced to everyone, millet learn a lot from the experience of their predecessors, at the same time, combined with some humble opinions on the understanding, to give you a detailed description of the level of the management of the store today. For everyone to talk about the first point: shop location.

is a starting point, like Liu Xiang starting, it can directly determine victory. 08 years of the Olympic Games, Liu Xiang hurt his foot caused by the tragedy is known as the big regret. We must not ignore the role of starting, starting action seems very simple, but very knowledgeable, and forceful efforts should be just perfect can with the fastest speed to go out, and the most important thing is not to hurt my foot, otherwise the next whole process will be suffering, it is easy for us to give up.

well, the location of the shop mainly includes three aspects:

one is what you want to run the product is what, in the same products belong to what level;

two is your intention to enter the spot or consignment;

three are you planning to work part-time or full-time.

however, these three aspects are mutually influenced, not isolated. Next, millet to give you a little analysis. On the first point: what do you want to sell in your store? What level is it?

would you please open the page, you can clearly see all the industries and products listed in front of you, but it does not allow you to decide which category will enter below. If the in-depth analysis of these categories can be summarized and classified from different angles, but there is a same standard, is the target population. For example:

1, from the use of, can be divided into several supplies, office supplies, collectibles and other categories, daily necessities for the target population is all Internet users, office supplies for the target population of white-collar business, such as shop manager with specific conditions for the collection of Internet users, mostly people with special interests and money, time on the Internet that part of the "noble".

why do we want to analyze this? Is very simple, because the target group is bigger, more easy to find the better promotion, sales may be greater, of course, the profit rate may be lower, because the choice of popular products had relatively more, competition is more intense. The smaller the target population, the less the demand for products, the more difficult to promote