Exports to domestic B2B e-commerce to help businesses turn beautiful

is known as Chinese foreign trade "vane" and "barometer" of the Canton Fair yesterday kicked off, the fair is more highly attention because of the financial crisis in the background. Different from previous sessions, this session of Canton Fair broke down over the years to prohibit the mainland buyers to enter the relevant provisions of the procurement of export exhibition. According to foreign trade fair organizers Chinese Survey Center, in the Canton fair business about 70% ready to choose "export", many enterprises have identified this as a "breakthrough" and "domestic sales force".

despite the Ministry of Commerce officials, generally believe that the Department of Commerce, the unexpected impact of financial crisis on the real economy Chinese economic depth and impact on the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis spread wide and the magnitude of the decline of foreign trade. School of international economics and trade, University of International Business and Economics President Zhao Zhongxiu believes that in the shrinking foreign trade at the same time, the policy of expanding domestic demand is very large, to the domestic foreign trade enterprises is an effective way to solve the dilemma of foreign trade. However, there are a lot of foreign trade has been focused on the transformation of domestic enterprises want to be confused on how to carry out the domestic market, they lack the experience of domestic sales channels.

I believe that enterprises take the export to domestic strategy may wish to consider B2B e-commerce, especially targeted, professional and strong business platform can help companies turn beautiful. In case of a hundred responses to a single call for product development, since 03 years, 04 years officially launched, is the first to focus on "B2B+ search" innovative e-commerce model of professional manufacturers, matching the brand logo with its unique "customers looking for customers" business acquisition and business intelligence, largely broke advertising provide a single search promotion mode for the small and medium-sized enterprises at present. It changes the business needs of users passively waiting for the status quo, so that businesses take the initiative to contact the business, enhance the probability of business transactions network business.

recently upgraded to a professional product navigation is a hundred responses to a single call, "the new upgraded version of the B2B+ search" e-business mode, positioning "understand opportunities more understand than Alibaba more than Baidu search", strive to develop new products online sales promotion channels for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises 46 million. According to reports, in the navigation platform on a hundred responses to a single call professional products, can satisfy the small and medium-sized enterprise fast query to the product supply and demand trade information. In addition, the professional vertical product information navigation provides an excellent platform for enterprises to open up new online products to promote sales channels, and strive to enhance sales performance for smes.

According to the famous

Investigation Agency iResearch in commercial search report pointed out that in a total of about 1700000 registered users a hundred responses to a single call platform, including about 10000 user fees, and this data has been growing, and in charge of users, mainly in the production of enterprises.

in fact, for the transformation of domestic enterprises, to find it is very important for the domestic market products, now homogenization platform filled the entire market, to seek the differentiation characteristics of the platform can help enterprises easily transition.