2013 Taobao Tmall dual eleven sales

it is reported that from the beginning of 2009, Ali group will be held every year in November 11th large-scale consumer feedback activities, has also been considered the annual event of China’s e-commerce industry. Last year, 2012 pairs of Tmall Taobao shopping Carnival to achieve the turnover of 19 billion 100 million, only Tmall reached $13 billion 200 million, Taobao reached $5 billion 900 million. Refresh the global online shopping festival records the results, the global retail industry is shocked. The annual Tmall double eleven record sales has become a lot of people are concerned about the topic. Is an intriguing figure, and constantly refresh the historical record, we are looking forward to the final result.


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, Ali, vice president of the Bank of England said, tonight 7-8 points will be the peak of the double eleven shopping festival. Bank of England said that this year eleven double sales of over 30 billion no problem. Ali has the ability to do more, but currently worried about the logistics and financial system can not afford to live.

2012 Tmall double eleven sales of $19 billion 100 million. Ma Yun in this year’s eleven Tmall briefing, said the 30 billion is not a problem, he does not care about the number. As of 12 noon, Tmall 1111 shopping Carnival Alipay turnover of over 17 billion 520 million, of which mobile phone from Taobao’s turnover of over 2 billion 970 million





2012 double eleven all day long sales records, 2013 eleven in 13:04 to 19 billion 100 million yuan.2013 Tmall double eleven sale 24 hours of those moments many people care about numbers, and a record breaking number 35 billion 19 million yuan




mobile phone payment number 45 million 180 thousand, is currently the world’s mobile payment record


November 11, 2013, Alipay successfully pay 188 million pen, again to refresh the 1 in the same period last year million in 5 million 800 thousand pen global record, the highest pay per minute 790 thousand pen.



mobile phone Alipay 11.11 2013 the overall turnover of 5 billion 350 million, is 5.6 times last year (960 million); single day active users reached 127 million mobile phone; Taobao single day turnover items amounted to 35 million 900 thousand pen, the number of transactions accounted for 21% of the total.


fat mom and everyone else, to see one of the above record breaking figures are amazing, but in this intriguing figure what you think.