Tourism electricity supplier VS traditional travel agencies talk about subversion Too early

[small] Xinxin language Internet is a kind of tool, the electricity supplier is a model of tourism business with the traditional travel agency is more of a competing relationship, you have me, I have you, now is too early to talk about subversion


shortly before the end of the 2014 Power Summit, the same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang said: "in the context of mobile Internet, the next year and a half, was born in PC end Online Travel Corporation will be half dead, the same line of traditional enterprises will also be half dead." Indeed, the market is always in line with the development of enterprises and practitioners can not adapt to the times, especially for the tourism industry. But the author doubts is such a good stuff to make the Internet such a cult like "

, really good?

recently, in the traditional travel agency once again facing the industry reshuffle "," upgrade "as the title of the information industry is especially" emerge in an endless stream, the Internet to subvert the traditional industry "seems to have become entrepreneurs favorable publicity slogans. It is undeniable that in recent years, the tourism industry to penetrate the traditional thinking of the Internet is becoming increasingly apparent, but the traditional travel agency still has the tourism business do not have the advantage, so the tourism business impact is still not enough for the traditional travel agencies on the road to ruin! I think that the traditional travel agency can determine the strategy with the help of the Internet the power, positive action, so why not say is to accelerate the traditional tourism industry transformation and upgrading of


industry insiders said, "now people always say the Internet to subvert a certain industry, to subvert the financial industry, to subvert the tourism industry, the tourism industry, at this stage still more fusion, compared with online tourism, traditional tourism industry there is insufficient information, the communication efficiency is low, but the development of traditional tourism industry for so many years has many traditional advantages and unique resources." At the same time, he said, "the biggest advantage of the traditional tourism industry is a huge user base of demand and promotion of space, and how to dig out the traditional tourism industry information, the Internet of things to do is to improve the efficiency of information dissemination."

compared with the traditional tourism business, the travel agency can provide tourists with a package of products, save all kinds of trouble, the cheaper; second is customized travel market, such as the now popular Showtime travel customized travel channel, visitors will inform the demand on the platform of tourism tourism consultant consultant, will be the first time the tailor; three traffic is a long-term price advantage, but also try to group tickets sale mode, another season flight control advantage; finally the outbound visa, visa for many years of accumulated experience, mature visa team, a good relationship with the embassy, can give you the most professional service.

Jingwei venture Xiao Min also mentioned: on the transformation of the Internet era, rarely see an industry entirely by the traditional way or completely rely on the Internet to operate. In particular, tourism is a natural experience economy, never a party to the other party out. Experience is perceived by service, and service is the thing