Taobao shielding webmaster business opportunities

Taobao shield Baidu event caused the attention of most of the webmaster friends. Some people say Taobao silly, don’t let the white flow, and some people say that this is Taobao, Baidu is also the bright younger generation as it cannot be helped, because arguing with him in a job. No matter what the reason, regardless of who is right or wrong. Anyway, this is their business, we can not do anything, we can do is to seize the opportunity to fight for the opportunity.

remember Baidu included Taobao pages tens of millions, with shielding events continued, and what kind of impact? I think Taobao and rival pat, eBay and other traffic should have obvious growth, but also including Baidu has ah. But for Taobao’s withdrawal, Baidu was somewhat reluctant. Baidu is also worried about the tens of millions of data, of a sudden, netizens are not hard to find what you want? Are those who love Taobao users will slowly get used to not Baidu’s online life? I think this is Baidu does not want to see.

these days, in the forum met you see some friends say do Taobao related website, one day included. Oh, Baidu is not a fool, you can provide the contents of Taobao, of course, he likes. So I think the current Taobao website for those sites have not seen improvement, want to give up and do not have a good idea of the webmaster, might as well try.

can capture the content of Taobao, Baidu included, generally there will be traffic, and then use the flow, do Ali mother cat promotion. The excess is not to say, go to.

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