A draw detonated unspoken rule network lottery fraud door net is teasing you


claimed the internal processing, but both internal staff of the black box operation of micro-blog group purchase lottery issue is still in fermentation, at present and even to the whole industry and the spread of the network group purchase industry trends. "Draw" as bait, but in reality the behavior of ordinary consumers cheat behavior." An industry source disclosed, in fact, the entire Internet industry, similar or even more extravagant practices has become "the industry has long been known, everyone knows the" unspoken rule.

even touch the "false minefield" high

The new

China network sets the world’s largest Gaopeng group purchase group purchase website, Grouppon and Tencent to invest in a "aristocracy" of pure heinous, but just in China, but repeatedly setback.

in early April, before the formal launch of group purchase business, Gaopeng has launched a sweepstakes for its on-line preheating, but because the prize is too little, too stingy "and fill in the name and identity card, drew boos, then announced the list of winners and the prize to honor the problem of heavy, it is raised a question.

entered in May, the situation continues to upgrade the sweepstakes, some friends broke the news that it was held in May 4th, micro-blog award forwarding fraud. At that time the rules were formulated, as long as the user to listen to their official micro-blog and forward the message, you can pick up 2 users from the forwarding users award, and presented a white iPhone a." A netizen said, 10 pm, the official results of the announcement, and immediately found that users, these are the award-winning users of their internal staff.

Gao Peng was once denied the news, the official micro-blog shut down, and delete the lottery and winning the event page, bulletin. Until the afternoon of 11, before the final recognition of the existence of loopholes in the lottery, the use of individual employees, and dismissed the vice president of the company responsible for the matter.

this trick is not new

had set foot on "fraud" minefield, Gaopeng has been dubbed the micro-blog platform in the first V, but the problem is obviously a liar "is not in a body high. Some industry insiders, in fact this is the "draw" Chinese local group purchase "play", both just trying to "do" only, but had a very bad.

"this trick in the industry is not what fresh thing, you know." According to reports, due to the simple operation, the marketing effect is obvious, since the date of the birth of the Internet, to draw as bait, earn registered users and traffic has become the industry unspoken rules".

"everything from the beginning of planning, prizes are indifferent." A website one executive said, after a market activity, in order to achieve the best effect of publicity at the lowest cost, the company made a "free lottery" ads in multiple sites, because the prizes rich in content and a short period of time will win a considerable number of users.

"it’s hard for average users to resist the temptation of free sweepstakes"