The negative impact of false information registration domain name

network currently on the market, there is a part of the domain name is the use of false registration information, some webmaster can already consider the consequences for a long-term survival in the network on the network, business people, the use of false information or registration of the domain name space, will bring the negative influence of bad


webmaster hard to establish the station, traffic is up, when an email sent to your mailbox, were told to modify the domain name information as soon as possible; otherwise, the domain name will be deleted if you do illegal things with a registered domain name, it is not so easy to delete a domain


we do the purpose of the station is to create a career on the network, not for entertainment, anyway, I think so! Although I did not succeed, webmaster, and strive to let the network is not virtual!

gives the following suggestions:

1, the use of real information to register the domain name

2, do not use the domain name to do illegal things (the law will only become more and more stringent, it can not be more relaxed)

all the information is for reference only, a person’s idea! Not good, we do not kick me!