10 usability rules for e-commerce websites

(Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center News) competitive e-commerce website is more and more intense, although you may sell the best goods at the lowest prices, but equally important is the user’s shopping experience, e-commerce sites, ease of use is to let users as much as possible to quickly and easily complete the purchase. Sometimes, a little improvement could bring a huge change. Originally told the 10 e-commerce website usability rules.

1 users do not need to register to buy

many companies like to allow users to register, but the registration process is too long, especially for those who visit temporary users, forced registration will scare them away. Let the user directly to the shopping cart add goods before settlement, also provide a convenient option to register their next purchase is a very effective method, at any time to understand, to achieve sales than to collect a bunch of e-mail address more valuable.

2 registration should be simple

how much information do you want registered users to provide you? Perhaps the more the better, but in fact, you can not use so much, what you really need is just an email address and a password. Use email addresses as user names whenever possible because the user name is confusing and the email address is unique and easier to remember.

3 tells the user what steps they are taking

Bread crumbs navigation is required

of any large e-commerce sites, users need to know they are in step and step behind the rest of the otherwise, the user will feel at a loss, and even give up halfway. In addition, the bread crumbs navigation can also help users free to return back to the front of the operation when you need to modify, if the bread crumbs navigation is not easy to achieve, at least you every step of the operation for identification number, such as the first step, four step /.

4 allows users to have a sense of security

users are very concerned about safety, especially when they need to enter a credit card number, at any step the user buy, you need to give them a sense of security, and let them know that you will protect the security and privacy of them, the best way is to deploy SSL on the site.

5 order confirmation

confirmation page is very necessary for the ease of use of an e-commerce website, not only allows users to confirm the contents of the previous operation, but also to avoid the user because of uncertainty and continue to ask you. An effective operation confirmation contains the following three parts: the last step of the order process, allowing users to confirm the confirmation page should contain all the necessary information, order summary, total price, shipping information, and order the cancel button. Once the order is confirmed, the user will see the order confirmation information and the order number, which can be saved and printed. At the same time, you should use email to send the order confirmation information to the user.

6 search function

any e-commerce site needs a