Looking at the current situation of domestic B2C e-commerce development in the future

B2C is the abbreviation of English Business-to-Consumer (business to customer), which is referred to as "business to customer"". "Business to customer" is a model of e-commerce, which is usually called commercial retail, direct sales of products and services to consumers. This form of e-commerce is generally based on the online retail industry, mainly through the Internet to carry out online sales activities. (from Baidu Encyclopedia)

in the last two years, the explosive development of domestic B2C, this is a bit like Baidu search field before and after the 2005 listing, when a business model is completely clear when verifying the capital, open the huge stomach, unconscious capital that their stomach, eat more, can win.

PPG and Vancl

in today’s VANCL crazy advertising everywhere, we should not forget his teacher -PPG, PPG has been recognized by the media and the capital sector is a classic example of fast company. However, due to the PPG chain and the cost of capital control has serious problems, the fast company was also quick to pull down the altar, as the original PPG learning Vancl, PPG mode is a cycle of death can not be avoided.

talking about PPG lost, VANCL Founder PPG aged said, made the wrong calculation of their stage of development, big foot money, eventually led to reverse the decline. I reminded the old teacher, VANCL is not a risk capital chain, but a fact: to enjoy the clothing industry brand premium brand and fashion culture, technology is the VANCL most of the breakthrough, only VANCL OEM garment industry sales channels that "VANCL is a Internet Co or clothing company" problems become severe.

Jingdong mall rise


mall to do over the past two years the pace of development is amazing, and gradually to the department store, which is from the Jingdong began selling Jissbon began, Jingdong mall male consumption features began to like the comprehensive expansion of consumption. Jingdong is the most concerned about the constant self built logistics center, the last time I heard Liu Qiangdong’s discussion in 5G, his talk has revealed a lot of ideas of Six Sigma, very strong east.

at present, the two major bottlenecks of China’s B2C is the initial stage of the credit society and the backward logistics industry. Credit in both buyers and sellers need a lot of improvement, the level of logistics directly determines the B2C e-commerce user shopping experience, of course, the problem has been relatively perfect North Canton logistics. Jingdong in the mall core competitiveness after two years will no longer be relatively reduced scale, but the electronic commerce chain self control and the total cost, when people don’t care about the money, the level of logistics will become a killer.


unwilling to remain out of the limelight

in the C2C field, Taobao world, no one can be the enemy, but the B2C environment for transfer of Taobao once again seeking change, Taobao mall, Taobao Electric City have.