Electricity supplier the voice of the new overlord Taobao ad

according to the relevant professional data show that business platform advertising has occupied the Internet advertising second market share, and search engine advertising between the market share gap is reduced year by year, in 2012 the electricity supplier platform advertising share has reached 23.3% of the overall size of the network advertisement, in the next 3-4 years, and is likely to surpass or search engine with the flat. While Taobao is more in Q3’s advertising revenue in 2012 reached 6 billion 300 million, surpassing Baidu, caused by the hot.

in such a situation and trends, from Taobao’s voice is increasingly needed in the industry. April 2013 12-13, won the era of the general assembly · search; Hangzhou Railway Station conference invited the letter, Han Di, book Hui, Xu Weijian, drilling wood and other senior experts Taobao, for us to bring different voices from Taobao.

Taobao buyers first search is meaningful

Taobao product expert Wang Mingqiang, the name of the letter, in early 2009 to join Taobao, is currently responsible for Taobao search products and operations, search, e-commerce, community, information and other products have a wealth of experience. The Hangzhou Railway Station in the search conference, he will do Taobao search user behavior analysis. For many Taobao stores, in the face of a huge user base, simple background data is not sufficient to determine the user’s search behavior, and think letter will bring is a professional analysis of Taobao user behavior, its depth is worth looking forward to.

train promotion is very simple

speaking of Han Di, many people may not be familiar, but Taobao stores all know Taobao train, once called "Han Di Flower City" in Taobao, he is the founder of Taobao train. The organizers invited Han Di to win the era of the Hangzhou Railway Station search conference, share with the participants through Taobao promotion strategy, the author believes that the train of the father’s share, must hit the nail on the head.

your shop can be better

Yu Bao network Xu Weijian in Taobao SEO in the industry enjoyed a high reputation, known as the first Taobao SEO. The conference, he was invited to do a Taobao shop to share the diagnosis, he will be on the two Taobao shop SEO optimization problems for diagnosis. A lot of Taobao store SEO is thought to be strange, can only rely on professional books and training to practice, Xu Weijian want to do such a case diagnosis, the purpose is to deepen the analysis of examples, with SEO skills.

they are from Taobao’s voice, the most authoritative voice from Taobao search marketing. On April 2013 12-13, the search era to win the conference · in addition to the Hangzhou Railway Station, the Taobao SEO also invited the guests to share, making shoes deputy general Zhang Lin, Netconcepts CEO, China area drains into the Jindo CTO Zhou Yizong and other experts share the whole network SEO. This is a collision with the search business conference, this is a glimpse of opportunities and the future of the conference, to share the experience here, to create here >