Hundreds of people complained about Taobao, people’s Congress, said the commitment is not true

third voting results show that 90.1% of consumers choose LED models. But SKYWORTH produced LCD tv. Network screenshot

hundreds of buyers said TCL and SKYWORTH committed false, false quotes; manufacturers apology that the details are not handled properly, Taobao said it would actively deal with complaints

news recently, hundreds of Taobao buyers refers to the National People’s Congress to buy activities to mislead consumers, false quotes and poor product quality issues, collective rights. In this regard, SKYWORTH’s official flagship store apology, admitted that the details are not handled well, TCL said there will be and consumers to explain the question of price, Taobao said the two brands in the presence of the lack of activity, will actively deal with complaints.

models such as controversial price

, according to a buyer, in August 13th to see the SKYWORTH TV flagship store on Taobao, TCL official flagship store held in Taobao mall, the LCD custom custom million people buy". Consumers need to customize the appearance of color TV, color, function, size and type (LED and LCD) to vote, after the end of the vote, the chamber of Commerce to vote on the results of customized production".

poll results show that 90.1% of consumers choose LED models, only about 9.9% of consumers choose LCD. But a lot of consumers to pay the deposit found that SKYWORTH manufacturers did not vote on the results of the production of LED type color TV, and the production of LCD tv.

buyers have said that the activities of the page publicity forty percent off, but after careful calculation of the payment was found more than forty percent off of the nearly $200. "Think they’re price gouging."

buyers said, has been posted in Taobao collective rights, and the formation of the QQ group, consult experts to discuss how to ask lawyers rights.

manufacturers said they would do a good job

for the above problems, SKYWORTH’s official flagship store on the Internet to apologize to consumers, admitted that the details of the event did not handle well, TCL said there will be and consumers to explain the question of price.

In addition, some buyers are reflected in the presence of

TV screen distortion, drag shadow, broken sound and other issues. Some people say that the SKYWORTH TV is produced in 2008. In this regard, SKYWORTH, a staff member said that all parts of the TV are produced after the purchase, there is no inventory. Two brands are said to be good after-sales service.

Taobao responsible person will try to solve consumer complaints. Taobao, a staff member said, thousands of people, such a large event, held before the report is to be submitted to Taobao, Taobao audit. Activities carried out if there are irregularities, Taobao will be deducted from the store score, and to resolve consumer complaints.


1 price high?

buyers said, group purchase marked the original price to your TV than the store, two brands of false quotation, consumer fraud is suspected.