Shenzhou car sale double 11 battlefield Cruze single product total sales break 600 million

this year 11, electric cars A new force suddenly rises. China’s excellent car sale car Shenzhou car business platform revealed that as of 11 March 15, Tmall China business car flagship store only 11 double Cruze classic items sales have more than 600 million yuan, today only 8 hours before the sales will exceed 3000 units, an average of 1 minutes to sell 6 units, Tmall products NO.1.

China auto sales car 11 double single product sales broken

sold the Cruze classic the Imperial Palace 8 ring around the end to end,

as this year’s double 11 new players, the performance of the sale of Chinese cars is very eye-catching. As early as October 13th, the sale of Chinese cars will jointly Tmall launched the double 11 big promotion. Consumers only need to pay 499 yuan deposit, to buy or sell any of the country’s car line car sales success, you can get a iPhone of $7, as well as the opportunity to get half price car.

unprecedented preferential activities greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers to buy. The sale of Shenzhou car relevant responsible person said, during the double 11, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hubei three provinces, the largest sales accounted for 11, the car sales of 70%, especially the three or four line of the city of Guangdong Province, Dongguan, Jiangsu and Changzhou, the purchasing power is extremely strong, boosting the eastern region to become this year’s champion to buy.

friends joked, so many cars can sell around 8 the Imperial Palace

this year, during the 11 double, the focus of China’s sale of vehicles, the main push star models, to create a single burst". The sale of the Shenzhou car responsible person said, like the Cruze classic, buy send iPhone7, and half Car Buying chance to consumers see benefits, and achieved very good results. The 11 period, the Cruze classic sales have been close to 7000 taiwan. Friends joked, can be surrounded by 2 ancient city wall, the the Imperial Palace, Shanghai, the Bund, filled with 18.

consumer groups younger, lovers become the main car

data show that even cars such a big guy, young people are also the main consumer, after 85 accounted for up to 87%. The launch of this synchronization network survey results show that 51% Car Buying is used as means of life; 23% Car Buying is used as self driving tour, Car Buying to pragmatic.

The owners decided to buy a car

51% on the map of life instead of


is double 11 singles, to buy this thing couples or a sense of hard brush. Data show that the purchase of the crowd, the couple files accounted for 40%, becoming the first major.

new car consumption trends, financial car into the mainstream

in the double 11, "maxed out credit card", "only for fun and shopping" case "