Wanda electricity supplier burn 5 billion is a rumor Cooperation difficult how to break

recently, a Tencent, Baidu, Wanda electricity supplier fifast divestment burned 5 billion, Teng million sanhuo news spread. This incident due to the involvement of the Tencent, Baidu, Wanda three giants and behind the top three tycoons, a time of widespread media attention. In August 4th, public opinion is gradually fermentation and rumors, at that time, Wanda fifast issued an official statement. Wanda said in a statement, and related articles without the survey interview, the so-called story is purely conjecture, false reports, which burned 5 billion "is groundless statement.


review of the entire event since the end of July, Teng million business news network news, overwhelming hit. Among them, the public opinion, without exception, are pointing to the Teng million cooperation in the leading enterprises Wanda where. The main view shows the development direction of Wanda electricity supplier and invest 5 billion yuan to lose everything wrong. Among them, the basis for the support of a number of conclusions only when the strategic investment intentions of the three party cooperation and the change of investor who fly. Nevertheless, such a judgment is also quickly get the public’s approval, the wall down the crowd pushed the scene again.

behind the one-sided speech, there is obviously irrational factors, many of the arguments which are more difficult to withstand scrutiny.

change is equivalent to Feifan investors "yellow"? Who fly into "entity + Internet" strategy is the electricity supplier in the sense of failure? Fifast and adjust the business process of trial and error direction is not to be over optimistic about the industry? Fly where the use of big data, general integral, membership only for the development of the financial sector?……

look at these views rather than interpret out of context, the cash flow cost more expensive, as some media or media people for new business development a pessimism, the future, this is immersed in the traditional business logic, with the industrial age thinking to face a new network economy needs the unnecessary anxiety.

Wanda in foreign said in a statement, "in August 2014, Tencent, Baidu, Wanda three companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and plans to set up a joint venture company three years plans to invest 5 billion yuan to the late project. But in fact due to comprehensive factors, the three parties did not realize the investment cooperation, Shanghai Frestech all Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "fifast") funded entirely by Wanda, Tencent and Baidu did not put any money."

in fact, similar Wanda investment cooperation has not been achieved, the case can be described as a very normal business scene. From a single intention to the establishment of a joint venture, capital injection, division of labor cooperation, joint operation, is indeed a long way to go.


statement also directly to "burn 5 billion" rumor collapse of itself.

however, anyway, Teng million eventually broke up, the expedition also only died down overweeningly ambitious. Actions and disclosures from the parties in cooperation