Lining’s view of e-commerce from the mall

recently began to do online shopping mall, to the operation of e-commerce sites have been groping, the same my Shenzhen machine network is also gradually growing up under the aura of e-commerce. In fact, the copycat mobile phone monopoly Shenzhen machine network, originated from the earliest I do a kind of information website one can know about the copycat machine. Information websites can not bring direct benefits, the need for long-term work, and e-commerce B2C sites can bring direct and considerable economic benefits. So the most recent analysis of the domestic e-commerce masters footprints.

The electronic commerce business

heard of Lining doing well, let’s see how he is doing. At the beginning of 2008, the results of a survey of Lining before wading e-commerce do show: Taobao Lining products shop has reached more than 700, while sales of water products in Taobao Lining in 2007 has reached 50 million.

face the spontaneous formation of online channels, Lining decided to take the initiative to attack. Online sales price system does not regulate the situation must change, must be unified from the online and offline consumer Lining brand impression." Lining, director of e-commerce, Lin told reporters.

how to change from self shop started.

traditional enterprise e-commerce, the conventional approach is a self official online store to sell their products, but to start from zero of Lining, when we have no experience and feeling of the e-commerce market is a large investment, the risk is great.

"companies such as Lining, if you start to do the background large IT platform, make a website from the bustling to No one shows any interest in promotional costs, these costs are large as can be imagined." Lin Li told reporters, in addition, compared with PPG and VANCL this kind of enterprise, on the ground have a traditional channel huge mature clothing enterprises, it is impossible to build a huge Internet sales team that the other is more like the former.

so as to find its first trees, a tree, in the above nest try popularity. At the beginning of last year, Lining opened the first shop in Taobao brand mall. This strategy provides a low-cost way for Lining to test the waters of e-commerce, the effect is said to be beyond the initial expectations of the original Lining". To some extent, this is also attributed to the spontaneous formation of the " before Lining channel "."

after the test, after understanding the popularity of the Lining brand in the field of electronic commerce, after several months of preparation, in June last year, Lining officially launched its own official store, direct shop and official mall two legs walk together.

channel conflict: find the antidote?

if the cost factors of outlets is the first hurdle restricting the traditional clothing industry involved in e-commerce, so the channel conflict oncoming is more.