Online shopping, want to regret it is not easy (Figure)

the new "law" first to allow online shopping seven days no reason to return,

in reality, but it is difficult to become a major complaint hot

people’s vision

in March 15th this year, the implementation of the new consumer protection law, the first online shopping seven days no reason to return into the law, giving consumers the right to regret for seven days". However, the online shopping regret right in reality frequently encountered landing difficult". The first half of the National Association Organization released the day before the China Consumer Association received complaints analysis shows that the barriers for businesses, the seven days no reason to return has become a hot and difficult complaints.

consumer seven days no reason to return is facing what problem? How to explain this business operators? How to better safeguard the rights and interests of online shopping? With these questions, we interviewed some consumers, business operators and experts in online shopping.

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"exceptional goods" plus

– for some reason not to return the goods, businesses do not mark on the page, but the consumer demands the return to inform

online shopping goods back, spend the telephone charges faster than the value of the goods, not to mention the time delay." Speaking of online shopping to return to Beijing Chaoyang District city resident Wang Huiying a stomach grievances.

a few days ago, Wang Huiying browse a electricity supplier website, a bottle of imported shampoo, affordable, brand good, the only hesitation is not sure whether you like the smell of this shampoo. But she thought: "now online shopping can not be" no reason to return seven days’? Not really love, return it." So, she assured the order.

second days, the delivery staff put shampoo to the door. In the face of delivery personnel, Wang Huiying opened the shampoo and found that the fragrance can not be accepted, and then directly to the delivery staff made a return request. Unexpectedly, the delivery staff refused to return directly, and explained: you want to return, you must contact the after-sales service staff, after the return process can be processed."

no way, Wang Huiying can only contact the site’s after-sales service staff. The other kind of attitude, very readily agreed to return her request, after recording the order number and address, let the king Hui Ying wait for the home delivery delivery personnel.

a week later, delivery personnel have not come home. Wang Huiying once again call the customer service staff, the answer turned out to be: after verification, Wang Huiying buy goods belonging to the beauty and personal care goods, these goods have certain particularity, not to participate in the no reason to return.

for this explanation, Wang Huiying is not satisfied: "if the shampoo does not participate in the no reason to return, why not in the commodity page clearly marked, but wait until consumers return requests made when?" then, she and website sale >