How to do to make your drill began to make money

drilling exhibition in general is to meet the demand when the shop will make the promotion in the train and Taobao passenger flow can not be, in some sense, it is because the price is relatively no drilling exhibition train is high, so many small sellers are not playing exhibition drill. But from the experience of the past year, I summed up, in fact, do not want to make money to do the hard work to do, as long as the following aspects of the link can be.

the first thing to do is to understand the current situation of the enterprise. For example, you are doing the ladies, is currently the main style is? What category? The positioning of the crowd is how old? How much is the price? These potential consumers are mainly what occupation are? To understand the situation of these circumstances, in order to make targeted macro direction drill extension, that is, in the explosion or clearance, do promotional activities? In different stages, the theme and the location is not the same.

second is a directional choice. I have come to the conclusion that the practice is to do women’s clothing, drilling exhibition is best to visitors. The visitors do not simply through the selection of shop style, customer unit price is determined, the need to analyze the specific circumstances of the selected shop is the case, whether their own store after the competition. For example, there is a shop is European style, but the cloth coat for the store, the proportion is very small, and their shops is the main wool coat, this time you can consider deleting this kind of store. Seed shops are generally chosen for their own purpose. The independent increase in the store is to attack the seed, so the choice of the store visitors must be weaker than their own place, so the effect will not be too bad.

third is the choice of location. Many stores do not have the time to do the opening of the exhibition, the rate of return, so in the choice of position on the need to be screened through several stages. The first is the choice of tens of millions of positions above the flow, the purpose is to avoid the flow of too little lead to the test sample is not objective, but also to increase the intensity of the late launch, there will be a lot of restrictions. Second, the size of the choice of location is critical. For example, the artist is good at doing these 728*90 rectangular size, the size of the square for the 168*175, so the effect of the material is not so good, this time it is necessary to take into account the factors. Three is in the launch of a stage, through the collection of costs to figure out which position in the end of the ROI is better, this dimension is a certain degree of accuracy. The rate of return after the shop opened, you can see the visual through a position of a cost to the selected ROI reached 1:10, therefore, this dimension must be put on the position as a key consideration of the. In addition, there is no rate of return of the shop, only through the path of the visitors turnover statistics to find the best location and manner of delivery. For example, you can now by E this software, you can see the visitors into the store, from which pages to enter, and then jump to the page, and finally in the page payment order