Eleven no warehouse explosion courier companies are quietly doing what

this year "double eleven" you chop hands? Receive your


November 14th, express site in Jiang’an campus of Sichuan University, the huge crowds of people during the train station scene comparable to the spring, this time from the "double eleven" only in the past 3 days, this year’s express, seems to be faster than in the past.


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and this frequently reported "explosion" and "the package a month did not receive" compared to this year’s express company, does not seem to give us the opportunity to complain.

because the business volume has decreased?

fact is, according to the State Post Bureau data, this year "double eleven" main business enterprise express orders reached 350 million, the national postal and courier companies handling shipment 251 million, an increase of 52%. The package is more, but the speed is faster, hanging behind the courier company, is China’s express industry is undergoing a major upgrade.

: self built for

cargo fleet

said two days before the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport fog led to hundreds of flight delays, many passengers saw the first takeoff is SF, tact, Shen Tong express several planes, but without complaint, silently to wait at the airport.


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this is not a piece, in this year’s "double eleven" air transport, a number of courier companies do have new freighters, open routes, in order to improve air circulation capacity and aging.

air is not what happens, SF has its own cargo is as everyone knows the facts, but it is worth noting that several companies including tact, Shen Tong, also from the airline booking to buy their own aircraft, self built fleet.

tact since the end of last year the opening of the Hangzhou – Xi’an round-trip freight routes, in August this year and the new "Guangzhou – Xi’an" freight routes. STO, insiders said, "double eleven" this year the domestic airline airline capacity increased by 200%, international routes opened a full cargo charter flights.


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has been criticized on the aging of China Post, but also kept buying buy". According to public data, EMS’s post navigation fleet now has more than 20 aircraft.

shows that the establishment of its own aviation, air cargo layout is becoming a strategic focus of several major logistics companies. After all, compared to the "sponsor", have their own cargo aircraft, in the air aging and controllability is undoubtedly more secure.

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