Electricity supplier distribution + micro marketing + wisdom shop, the depth of integration to lead

online and offline integration, the integration of electricity providers and the real economy, sharing of data resources. In this everywhere, said the integration of sharing the moment, CMS also did a big ticket. That is —

electricity supplier distribution + micro marketing system + smart shop depth integration, into one, forming a powerful new electricity supplier system.


The integration of

systems, with wisdom shop entrance, fully integrated pig CMS WeChat marketing as many as hundreds of shops and smart marketing applications, multifunctional system, combined with the electricity distribution, O2O stores management system, the whole industry new business platform to realize the online stores fusion depth.




complement each other, the depth of integration, as the cornerstone of new retail

pure electricity supplier era will soon end, the new retail is the future. When many people still immersed in all bring electricity consumption performance of the joy of the feast, the pig CMS executives have been from the data changes to see the development of the electricity supplier slow "ceiling", and the public number decline period insufficient online marketing.

How to

business development of late, after the era of public marketing how to do? CMS from pig ma Dad’s new retail concept in the capture ideas released from the government to promote high-level development of retail line, smell the clear direction of future development of the electricity supplier, but also understand the pig CMS next how should provide new retail help.


Since the

pure electric single format will be gradually replaced the line integration format, the enterprise to go online, online companies go to the next line, in order to truly create a new retail form, then the pig CMS combined with the company’s current products and function of system, give full play to the next line of powerful wisdom of online store, the electricity supplier system the force is strong, and powerful micro marketing and online and offline integration relationship three-in-one contain each other, make up, to help businesses in the future lay the foundation for the new retail layout, is a matter of course.

In addition to

, it also has the function of the system to customers, if each system independent, so in the aspect of operation is slightly complicated; and the electricity supplier system alone although there are dozens of marketing functions, but not strong enough. At the same time, the electricity supplier system offline marketing development efforts and wisdom cannot be mention in the same breath shop.


(smart shop)

so, in order to give customers a comprehensive customer service, better system function more powerful, but also in response to the government to promote retail and supplier integration development, resource sharing call, pig CMS fusion system, comprehensive help customers depth integration of online and offline stores.