Civilink deals fraud trap crack domain

on the 3 day, the newspaper published a report entitled the "domain renewal" catch 70 company ", has aroused strong repercussions. In addition to some victims reflect similar experiences to reporters, general manager of the industry, Chinese million net Xiamen branch He Chun dedicated to the reporter introduced three trick liar deception to the use of the domain name registrant and enterprise.

1 arrange fake buyers trick customers


domain is a scarce cyber source, the same type of domain name is unique, once registered no second identical, so now there are a considerable number of professionals specialized in investment domain, called the "corn worm".

fraud company will choose not to know customers will normally start, prospects and return investment domain description is very good, recommended has chosen domain name to the customer, if the customer has not yet been determined, even fraud company will arrange a different "buyers" to consult the customer whether to sell the domain name, let the customer this domain name is mistaken for investment value.

2 do fake "whois" backstage

What is the "

whois"? It is a simple, whois for customer inquires if domain name has been registered in the database, if the query domain name has been registered, users can find all about the domain name, the domain name registrar, domain name registration date, expiration date and other details in whois.

fraud company made false whois platform, then the platform to entice customers to enter their domain name query, the customer can secretly change the fraud company domain name information in the fake whois platform, including the expiration time, customers see show this fake whois, tend to think that their own domain name will soon expire, quickly remittance fall into the trap.

current formal whois query address is:

3 in advance to allow a high rebate

Some people use

to defraud the company petty kickbacks psychology, before trading often promise as customers digital cameras and other high-end electronic products or some other more expensive gifts, after that, it will turn to defraud the company not to recognize, or even simply disappeared".

was a victim of crying, "× × the company promised to me as a kickback for a digital camera, but I have money for 2 months, has not received the camera, there is no problem of the domain name to help us deal with the corporate network."

– intimate reminder

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for these means of fraud, he said that the reason why the customer was fooled, mainly because of the lack of basic and necessary understanding of the domain name. Enterprises should consult some professional, large scale, reputable companies in this area