LV, GUCC why do not want to authorize the electricity supplier platform

Liu Qiong

the Qixi Festival to Valentine’s day, the vertical luxury business platform can also show the festive battle, "the Qixi Festival · about the benefits challenges of the global minimum price" and other attractive activities on the home page.

but one of many luxury goods business platform for the defect is unable to obtain the LV, GUCCI, etc. most of the luxury brand authorization, which will make the quality of the luxury goods business platform can not be guaranteed, it is difficult to get the trust of consumers, because of supply shortage and often appear fake rumors, in recent years a lot of luxury Liaodao enjoy the network platform, such as, poly mesh products, share network, Huha network etc..

if the previous year, luxury brands get rapid development and disdain in cooperation with the electricity supplier platform through self entity sales channels can, why in recent years, luxury goods slowdown, knowing that electronic business platform can make Hydrangea throwing over the "depression" of the performance report of bright eyes, but still refused to open the door to the authorized brand channel

?What reason is that


although some of the lifestyle of luxury brands do not have too much to avoid the Internet, but traditionally, the luxury industry is always a certain distance from the internet.

in addition to the traditional luxury brands have been on the cultivation of sense of distance, low-key and mysterious, for reasons not authorized business platform, an American luxury brand insider Li Lingli (a pseudonym) told the "First Financial Daily reporters, one of the important reasons is that it is difficult to control each other. Such fake problem does not appear in warehousing and logistics sales in the link," once the consumer complaints received fake, it is hard to tell exactly which part of the problem".

Li Lingli told reporters that her luxury companies have their own electricity supplier website, but because the switch may be heard and express similar process, companies have taken multiple "protection" measures, first of all, the company products will be coated with three layers, the outermost layer does not appear brand LOGO; secondly, when the goods sent by the sender the name does not write his own company, but to write the names of other companies; in addition, the company provided free of charge to the consumer choice, a high degree of credibility of the courier operators.

Another worry is that

Li Lingli, a lot of luxury electricity supplier platform is to attract consumers at low prices, luxury brands worry that the licensing of these brands will disrupt their price system. She explained to reporters, in her brand’s official website and the price of the line is exactly the same, but the luxury platform electricity providers tend to have their own discount rhythm.

"We know that

authorized business platform will make up sales, but for luxury brands, on the one hand, many products are Handmade, we worry about production can not keep up, on the other hand, as a listed company, we also hope that the performance is gradually rising, sustainable development, do not want to rise or fall." Li Lingli said.

says she’s not in the Chinese market for luxury goods companies in the past few years