Buy site promotion good word-of-mouth marketing to win loyal users

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group purchase website development the fastest of the year, "hundred regiments" is to describe the degree of competition group purchase website, group purchase site relative to other types of sites, starting soon, you can use off the shelf program, website structure is relatively simple, the profit model is very clear, the focus group purchase website development is the extension and merchant sites cooperation mode.

group purchase site to get the benefits, we need more and more user participation, user participation, word-of-mouth communication requires each loyal customers, loyal users of the site is the essence of communication users enjoy the group purchase website for their bring value: high price ratio of the product or service. Next we talk about how to buy the most effective marketing promotion from the word of mouth marketing:

, a website of the group purchase product or service to the public consumption, there are more and more users, and the quality must be guaranteed, giving users a preferential group purchase price on the basis of quality, the user benefits, this is also the reason that most users choose group purchase. Product or service to obtain the user’s affirmation, its own value will be reflected. Users get the benefits, especially in terms of food, clothing and friends around the group purchase, will share in what you talk about the information on the site, will continue to spread, the next potential customers will try on this site for group purchase website, product or service and get two communication users, will form a reputation the spread of new, influence is very large.

two, for each specific group purchase activities, also should have specific marketing programs, such as catering group purchase, according to the relevant season arrange different dishes group purchase, take into account the needs of users, from reality, to the interests of users as the basis, can lead the user group purchase desire, at the same time considering how to increase the more valuable things for the user, also as an example of catering, whether can hold related small activities to interact, can increase participation in the group purchase the loyalty of users, while the content of soft communication activities, the effect will be better.

three, group purchase website itself in the process of the service can be put in place, each group purchase introduction should be clear and attractive, with better effect; to consider the convenience of payment, and pay attention to the user if the group purchase failed, paid money to return to the user; for group purchase process is what kind of convenience. The first group purchase user awareness; finally, the problems encountered in the group purchase to have a good solution, to customer satisfaction as the standard.

group purchase website promotion in the word-of-mouth marketing to the user as the center, to provide high quality products or group purchase service for users, so that customer satisfaction, each user will share the things in life with my friends, when the user in the group purchase mood is happy, then they spread the group purchase site is good also, we do need to group purchase website promotion. Buy site to do word of mouth marketing, more than other ways to promote the effect is more direct, but the cost is relatively low, the user’s loyalty is also very high. So buy >