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business platform with internet financial dream, Su ningyun is not far behind. said, will officially enter the field of fund in the near future, began to get involved in the monetary fund and other investment products. Next,’s easy to pay for their own domain name, will become a payment service platform.

by this good news, in August 6th, the Soviet Union business daily limit, up 10.05%, closing price of $6.79. In the recent stock price gradually pick up, pull the climax.

Ping An Group Chairman Ma Mingzhe has made it clear that the payment service is a small electronic bank, in the era of mobile payment business prospects limitless.

this year began to force the mobile terminal Alipay wallet, WeChat launched in August 5th and the end of the early payment of ni.

August 6th, product operations center deputy director Min Juanqing told the "twenty-first Century economic report" reporter, easy to pay treasure monetary fund financial products, not only for individual users, but also for businesses, to help businesses in financial investment. In addition, Suning is likely to set up shop under the Internet Financial counters, online and offline together to promote Internet banking products.

growth in easy to pay treasure

at present, easy to pay treasure smaller membership. Once a year with 815 big promotion, is in charge 50 to send 50, charge 100 to send 100 "preferential activities to activate the easy to pay treasure.

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, online has about 20000000 members, about 80000000 users Suning line.

but the entire Suning members into easy to pay treasure users also need a process. As a payment tool, easy to pay treasure is still in the stage of growth.

access to the platform can be found, easy to pay treasure fast also need to strengthen the cooperation with banks. Specifically, easy to pay treasure to open fast payment debit card, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, only the construction investment, transportation, Shanghai Pudong, China Everbright, China, Jiangsu, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangdong Development Bank 11. In the credit card fast payment, only the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Shanghai Pudong, transportation, people’s livelihood, China Everbright, China, Jiangsu, Hangzhou Ping An, GF, etc.. In the field of credit cards, the market share of China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank failed to open fast payment. In addition, workers, farmers, China, construction, transportation, investment, Everbright and other 17 banks can log on to pay online banking.

such a rate of development in June 2012 to get the third party to pay the license of easy to pay treasure, it is not easy. However, the platform for the dream of easy to pay treasure, but also need to quickly improve the number of users in order to quickly scale. At present, the number of users of Alipay and caifutong are billions of dollars, this amount will have the opportunity to create a platform for payment services.