How do get angel investment


Author: Fan Sheng

I get the first investment in a city, is to train, I pretended to be relaxed to the boss friend that I have such a project, what has been, to what extent, the future will achieve what may get what, hope you can invest. After listening to a friend, said, ah, no problem, go back to you to implement this thing.

at that moment, I feel the world is beautiful, like in the clouds, but I still have to seem to be relaxed and calm and realistic description of the business and prospects.

a year later, I completely lost the investment, many times to the boss to express my heavy apology, but friends said, it does not matter, this investment is only an experiment. But my heart is clear, but also must keep in mind that although the friendship endures and become deeper in the process of cooperation, but increase business partner role in the role of friends, some commercial principles must be respected and obeyed, not that the investment is good, it is just a commercial exchange process is exchange of equal exchange process, sometimes the future earnings, sometimes is an exchange of confidence, like the credit card, the investor confidence in you is low, you are more difficult to obtain investment.

this is a principle of first time to look for investment: as long as you succeed for the first time, after the investment as a shark when blood bees met flowers come naturally, but failed, the investment will go away from you, so, entrepreneurs, if you are the first to find the investment project, it must do the success of a project, but not a big project. Successful, investor confidence will continue to increase, there will be more unexpected opportunities; you fail, investor confidence will drop, this time you don’t have no chance, but you will not be able to see the opportunities. Life is long, but you fail the first time, everyone will remember.

why did I get this boss’s friend’s investment?

someone would say, you know him. Although this is not the subject of this paper, I still got my novel, the actual meaning of the first investment is with the university dormitory friends to my home, but this investment is not a strict sense of investment, is said to be the family friendship sponsorship support, but in order to solve the basic living guarantee for the better development service. Entrepreneurs, whether you pay attention to college students, dormitory friends, etc. in many biographies of celebrities often appear in the business, the clever, do you understand?

back to the theme.

many people’s answer is: good business model, product design and positioning, good planning. However, in this case, there is no such reason, even, there is no product, no company, no team, no plan, I have got the money. Why? I summed up the following three reasons:

first, he’s rich