Wang Tong how to find rapid profits profiteering products

B2C site is divided into two categories:

first category: put a lot of money, a lot of manpower, for many years, thousands of orders every day, but do not make money.

second categories: not too much money invested, very little manpower, thousands of orders every day, but more than a year profit of ten million.

what is the biggest difference between the two B2C sites,


answer: product profit varies

if you’re going to start a network, which one is more likely to succeed?

answer: of course, is the second.

how to choose huge profits products?

I divide the product into the following types of

1, men lewd class

2, women love beauty class

3, the elderly to health

4, kids to be smart

5, companies want to make money

For example, the

class woman of beauty, if you through Google, Baidu search: breasts, whitening, freckle, weight loss, etc. keywords, open top advertising, which are kind of profiteering products, most of these pages only one page, but the income is very high. For example, weight loss products, how much of this kind of products, such as the sale of about 800 of the product, the cost will not exceed $200, according to a single 600 yuan to calculate, the day of the single, a month is 200 thousand profit. Of course, if you promote the good, the greater the amount of sales. A little more conservative, one day you can sell a single calculation, a monthly income is about 20 thousand. My students, do more general, a month also has more than 50 thousand of income.

small, big market, and a field of products on the Internet is a huge market, according to this idea to consider it, we have a lot of network gaps in the market and profits, according to the five aspects I mentioned above, you think of what it what do you want?? and then a lot of action, you can easily find very much.

remember, must make money in my profits, Adwords course, I told my students the first product selection principle is: only a single product profit of more than 300 yuan! Many people may think, a product, the cost is very low, so why sell high price low to sell? Not for consumers better? I tell you that the product is not necessarily the selling price as low as possible, a lot more expensive the better product to sell. I remember in 2004, a friend told me about his entrepreneurial story, he first started selling a software. He just started doing, a software sales of several hundred dollars, business is not good. Later, it changed into a product sales of several thousand dollars, the results of the business is better; then he sold a few million software, the result is the development of the country thirty >