Jingdong will push super channel supermarket executives said no fear of electricity supplier invasio

yesterday, sources said, Jingdong will launch this week, super online channel, which is the last year after the introduction of fresh channels Jingdong, another major addition to the food category. At the same time, but also further exacerbated the competition between the electricity supplier industry.

according to an insider, the Jingdong will launch a super online channel this week, the category relates to pure water, grain and oil products, beverage, milk and many other categories. Once the channel on the line, Jingdong will start the full 39 yuan that is free of charge, support for payment, and in the implementation of the "limit" of the 132 counties and other services. In this regard, the relevant responsible person responded that Jingdong, Jingdong is expected to be formally launched today Jingdong super.

it is worth noting that, from the product details page, Jingdong super products from the original Jingdong "food and beverage, health food category, but the Jingdong still retain channel food and health care products. This also means that the Jingdong is to recommend the original food supermarket food category after the integration of resources, the basic commodities to self oriented. As for the future stage, Jingdong super online whether the use of open platform model to introduce more businesses, the person in charge did not respond.

industry insiders believe that, regardless of what kind of Jingdong involved in the food category, will exacerbate competition between the electricity supplier industry. At present, many electricity providers including shop No. 1, I bought the food network, SF preferred, focus on online supermarket. Shop No. 1 is based on the supply side of the supply chain of WAL-MART, the scope of services extended from the Yangtze River Delta to the country. At the same time, Alibaba’s two food electronic business platform – Tmall’s Tmall supermarket and Taobao shopping convenience is also gradually seize the market.

data show that the current monthly growth rate of more than 9 Tmall East China area, more than 50% of the time to get a performance increase of 20 times.

, however, although the electricity supplier has more and more tentacles extend to the supermarket territory, but in the food sector, many supermarket executives believe that opponents are not enough to fear. Beijing, a domestic supermarket executives told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, the electricity supplier’s super channel to sell only room temperature packaging food, and the advantage of the supermarket is in the deep processing of ingredients, cooked food and other categories. "You can confidently say, ready to eat cooked food not only is the supermarket to improve gross profit means, is against electricity supplier killer."

even room temperature packaging food, these executives also believe that the supermarket is also an advantage. "Consumers are also very concerned about the date of production of packaged food, we tend to buy the latest food. The supermarket will also have the person responsible for the check whether the expired food packaging, but also set the advent food counters. But how much of the electricity supplier to sell packaged food in the commodity description of the production date?. So, in most cases, consumers still want to pick food supermarket."