Dating sites refuse free lunch profit from membership fees

Offline activities can only be considered to provide services, the final profit depends on the membership fee

"dating website in the domestic users exactly how big I don’t know, an estimated 30 million." Shanghai flower tree information technology Co., Ltd. Gong Haiyan, general manager of analysis, support dating sites registered users mainly in the age of 25 to between the ages of 35.

because online statistics run by her company, dating site Jiayuan done by registered users over 25 years of age accounted for 80%, and over 35 years of age accounted for only 10%.

The success of the development of

3 years out of a large number of dating sites

"now users by the number of 8000 people a day increase, a total of 2 million 100 thousand. According to ranking, the total number of hits ranked 510th in the world." Gong Haiyan said. But at the same time, dating sites are also very competitive, at present, the domestic various dating sites have three thousand or four thousand.

foreign background "eFriendsNet net" and "honey" is "Jiayuan" competitors. For the two sites eFriendsNet >